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Pregnancy and Postnatal Care

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Conditions Treated

Our specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapists  are experts in their field.  They are specifically trained in assessing and treating pregnancy and postnatal conditions. They work closely with some of London’s leading Consultant Obstetricians, Gynaecologists and midwives to help women with a variety of conditions:
  • pelvic girdle pain (including Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction and sacroiliac pain)
  • lower back pain
  • sciatic pain
  • central back pain
  • rib pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome (pins and needles or pain in the hands)
  • coccyx or tailbone pain
  • caesarean scar pain
  • separation of the abdominal muscles (rectus abdominus divarication)
  • bladder and bowel incontinence
  • pelvic organ prolapse
  • pain from your episiotomy or tear
  • optimising recovery following third and fourth degree tears
When my son was still a young baby, I came to see you about my PGP. At that time, I had already seen a host of specialists and physiotherapists over the course of that year but the treatment I got from you was the single most effective treatment I received during that time. Ever since that treatment, my pain was much more manageable and I’m armed with the knowledge to improve and manage my specific symptoms. I never really thanked you for that – so thank you!”  Francesca, Hackney

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