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Online Physiotherapy Video Consultations

We now offer our patients across the UK an online physio video consultation service with a member of our expert physiotherapy team. Online physiotherapy treatment has been proven to be as effective as face to face care so, whilst our walk-in clinic appointments are limited due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have introduced this approach to continue the care of both current and new patients in need of physiotherapy advice and treatment.

What is Online Physio?

Our online physio consultation service uses award winning video meeting technology to conduct a video-based consultation between you and one of our expert physiotherapists.

You can use virtually any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer that has a camera, microphone and speakers, headset or earphones.

physiotherapist holding laptop for video appointment
physio patient having video appointment

Who is it for?

For any new or current patient with a musculoskeletal complaint or sports injury who are having difficulty accessing traditional face to face physiotherapy services.

Whether that be due to mobility or other health issues, a busy or demanding job, or even difficulty finding childcare to attend your appointment.

What do our patients say?

Angus Scott
Angus Scott
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I broke my wrist and had a plate put in last month. No follow up due to COVID-19 and never seen a physio. This online physio site is amazing. Wherever you are in the world without human contact but with a real physio prescribing therapy, they send you a link to an APP for your smartphone and a password for a custom designed programme that you follow with mini videos each day. Heaven help you if you don't click the 'complete' button after each exercise every day. If you need physio JUST DO IT! Brilliant idea.
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Having fallen and fractured my shoulder during lockdown my entire experience has been online and it has been brilliant. The exercises are easy to follow and you have a video if you forget or need a reminder and with a few pieces of kit, I feel as though Natasha is in the room with me guiding me to improve my range of movement, all in all 10 out of 10!

What Online Physiotherapy services are available?

In addition to our usual musculoskeletal physiotherapy services in London we also offer the following services online:

Our specialist women’s and men’s health physios can carry out verbal assessments, advise you how best to manage your symptoms, and how to progress your ‘homework’. Be it Pilates, core-based exercise, or pelvic floor re-training. They can also assess and advise on pregnancy-related issues, whether it is that you are having severe difficulties getting around, or you just want a few tips and tricks.

The beauty of video consultations is that we can carry out a 1:1 class as if you were face to face. You will be able to see our demonstrations and how we perform the exercises, and we can in turn see you to ensure that you are doing it correctly, all whilst doing it alongside you for motivation and encouragement.

No gym or equipment? No problem. There’s so much we can do in the comfort of your own home, substituting all sorts of household items to assist us, e.g. a rolling pin as a foam roller, a cushion as a wobble board, and simply using your own body weight. All under the (digitally) watchful eye and guidance of your friendly physio.

Working from home is so common these days, but it’s important that you don’t jeopardise your physical health for the convenience this type of work provides. Unfortunately, a lot of home offices involve sitting in awkward positions, on unsuitable chairs, at unsuitable desks, with computers/laptops in unsuitable positions. Let us help you make the most of your home set-up by assessing what you are currently using and advising you best on how to look after yourself, to allow you to keep working from home successfully for as long as you need.

*Needless to say, this is particularly topical right now, so if Coronavirus has meant that you have had to set up a make-shift work station at home, get in touch to give yourself the reassurance you are looking after yourself as best you can, especially if you have already developed aches and pains.

How does Online Physiotherapy work?

Step 1 - Book Online

Use our booking page to book an appointment time that is convenient for you and pay securely online.

Step 2 - Patient Consent

If you are a new patient with us, as health practitioners, we need a few details from you and your consent.

Step 3 - Video Meeting

At your appointment time, use your mobile, tablet or computer to join a video meeting with your physiotherapist.

During the video meeting, we will take a full history, observe your movements and functional activities. We aim to provide you with a diagnosis and set out a management plan for your condition. This may consist of advice and education including activity-modification and pacing, and a tailored exercise programme if appropriate.

We will discuss your progress, observe some key functional activities identified from the first online video appointment (or from a previous face to face appointment you may have had), check and progress any exercises and give further advice to aid your recovery.

Online physiotherapy video appointments are covered by all major private healthcare insurers. If you are an existing face-to-face patient of ours, we can continue to bill through your insurance as normal.

45-minute Initial Physiotherapy Video Consultation £80

1-hour Initial Physiotherapy Video Consultation £105

30-minute Follow-Up Physiotherapy Video Consultation £60

1-hour Hypermobility Physiotherapy Initial Video Consultation £105

1-hour 1:1 Online Pilates with a Physiotherapist £80

30-minute 1:1 Online Pilates with a Physiotherapist £40

1-hour 1:1 Online Physio Fitness £80

30-minute 1:1 Online Physio Fitness £40

45-minute Video Work-Station Assessment £60 (with report £100)

Our remote physiotherapy consultations are covered by all major private healthcare providers.

Our online physiotherapy team are the same highly specialised and experienced physiotherapists you would normally see face to face at our clinics. Meet our online physio team.

What are the benefits of Online Physio?

Access our highly specialised physiotherapists’ expert knowledge from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Saves you valuable time by not having to travel to our clinics and we can be flexible to fit around your busy schedule.

Early education and advice regarding your condition and assessment of functional tasks through video.

Personalised exercise prescription, review and progression.

Does healthcare insurance cover Online Physiotherapy?

Our clinic and online physiotherapy consultations are covered by all major private healthcare providers.

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