A pregnant lady holding her bump

What is Pre-Eclampsia?

You could say that Beyoncé, Marian Carey, and Kim Kardashian have quite a lot in common. Stardom and fame of gigantic proportions, a fierce and loyal following of superfans, huge financial success. The list goes on, but there is something else that ties these influential women together, that you may not have realised. They all […]

Katharine Fennelly with her Paris Marathon medal in front of the Eiffel Tower

My Paris Marathon 2019

On April 14th I took to the streets of Paris and completed my second marathon. Mt first marathon was in Copenhagen, in 2017. I had trained for five months and in that time had hit all my pace and mileage targets. I felt ready. Unfortunately, I had a terrible run on the day. My stomach […]

X ray of hip resurfacing

Dissertation joy for Kieran, hip heart break for Murray

  The end of 2018 brought great relief for me (and my family and friends!) when I finally handed in my MSc dissertation on the different mechanisms of hip pain in FAI (femoro-acetabular impingement). Unfortunately for the former World No 1 and multiple grand slam winning champion Andy Murray, 2019 was barely upon us when his […]

Spring News 2019

Big anniversaries for Central Health Physiotherapy “It is 20 years since I started working with Simon Shepard in a one room clinic in Chancery Lane. The clinic was started 25 years ago when Simon bought the phone number from the previous owner. She was the wife of a local barrister who saw some patients in […]

Diagram of the pelvic muscles

Post-natal POP! All you need to know about Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Vaginal prolapse  50% of women who have delivered a baby will develop some degree of prolapse. Often prolapse develops postnatally, but it can also develop in women who have not had babies or later in life.  What is vaginal or pelvic organ prolapse?  The vaginal walls are soft and elastic, supported by soft fascia attached to the firmer fascia of surrounding muscles, primarily the pelvic floor muscles (PFM), and the ligaments of the pelvis. The vaginal walls […]

Katriona Ryan, physio with Central Health Physiotherapy, eating porridge for slow release energy

Spring Marathon Prep – Five top tips

The spring marathon season is almost upon us, with just over two months to go until the London Marathon 2019. Most people will be nearing the half-way point of their training programmes and ramping up the mileage on those long hard runs. Hopefully there’ll have been a rest-week in that training somewhere around now, so […]

A photo of Emma Brown, physiotherapist with Central Health Physiotherapy, with her bicycle on the beach

My London to Brighton bike ride (via Kent and Bournemouth!)

And no, I didn’t get that lost! I hadn’t been on a bike in several years and probably not cycled more than 10 miles in total at a time but I consider myself relatively fit and am more competitive than I would like to admit. So when my other half, Luke, challenged me to go […]

low back pain anatomy

Five top tips to avoid back pain

Are you a Weekend Warrior, a 5km runner or HIIT session goer who finds yourself with a sore back afterwards? Life is busy. We know we should exercise but finding time is tricky.  The weekend comes, and we cram in some fitness without giving ourselves the time to build strength and fitness in a way […]

Katharine Fennelly, Physio with Central Health Physiotherapy, Marathon runner

London Marathon: Are you in or out?

In early October the London Marathon organisers announced the much-anticipated results of their 2019 ballot draw. A record four hundred and fourteen thousand, one hundred and sixty-eight people entered the ballot hopeful of securing a place in the event which will take place next April. The number of ballot places issued each year is not […]

Physiotherapist with Central Health Physiotherapy Aisling Condon surfing

Avoiding hibernation: 5 simple tips to keep you fit this winter

Winter is steadily drawing closer, and the temptation to stay warm and cozy inside can easily get the better of us. Personally, exercise has always been a big part of my life, not only because I enjoy it, but also because I know that it is doing so much good for my physical and mental […]