Exercising in Pregnancy

Exercising in pregnancy During pregnancy expectant mothers can understandably worried about exercising. Doing gentle exercise through pregnancy has been shown to be beneficial for mum and baby, and here we have put together some advice and tips to guide mum’s to be. Exercise has been shown to have benefits for pregnant women and can reduce […]

Victoria Howard Bike Week

It’s Bike Week!

Did you know that the UK its own dedicated Bike Week? The website www.bikeweek.org.uk explains that Bike Week was started in 1923, and here we are 95 years later in the middle of a cycling boom! This year Bike Week runs from Saturday 9th to Sunday 17th June, and events to encourage participation are happening […]

Lucy Rix and her husband in the Tour de Yorkshire

Never Say Never 

Have you ever said yes to something that a year ago you would have said no to? If your other half emailed you a ‘fancy this’ for the fourth annual Tour de Yorkshire bike ride on 6th May, all courtesy of Maserati, what would you say? Being only five weeks away I went against my […]

A person happily working at a laptop

I’m relaxed when I sit…. and I like it!!

The myth of good posture Posture has been a concern since the Victorian era and has continued to be, right through to the present day, with Katy Perry and Sting worrying about their deportment. However, a recent article in The Guardian newspaper quoting experts from University College London and the University of Limerick questions whether […]

Lizzie Hewitt, Central Health Physio, dancer

Happy International Dance Day!

That’s right – it’s a real and official occasion – the day that every UN member state, dancers, schools, theatres and communities worldwide celebrate dance! It’s also a day that reminds me of my own love of dance, and my passion for it to be used more for fitness and health. Here are 7 reasons […]

A diagram showing what happen in a total hip replacement

Total Hip Replacement – what’s involved?

You may have seen in the news Prince Phillip has just returned home from having a Total Hip Replacement. You may have been wondering why he had this operation done, what does this involve and what sort of prognosis can you expect? The majority of hip replacements are performed due to natural wear of the […]

Katriona Ryan, Central Health Physiotherapy, post-marathon photo

Marathon Top Tips

With the London Marathon this coming weekend, I thought it would be a good time to share my top 10 tips to help get you through the rest of the week and prepare you for the big day! Mental preparation – Try and minimise work, relationship and travel stress for the rest of the week so […]

The Importance of Hydration

Water is life.  We need water to eliminate toxic substances, produce digestive enzymes, maintain healthy skin, hair and organs, and to help your body absorb essential vitamins, minerals and natural sugars.  Water also regulates body temperature, stimulates metabolism and helps promote regularity.  Fluids other than pure water don’t act the same as water in your body, and […]

A model of a spine

Can we truly be ‘evidence-based’ physiotherapists?

Including my training I am now in my 21st year as a physiotherapist and over the past few years the landscape of physiotherapy has been changing. Back when I trained we were taught a very biomechanical model of injury, based on many ‘theories’ which, over the years, have systematically shown to be incorrect through various […]

physiotherapy treatment session

Are physios medically trained?

For a high proportion of our clients, the first time they come to see us is the first time they have been to see a physiotherapist. For some clients it is also the first time they have seen anyone about their particular injury/pain or problem, so for them, coming to see a physiotherapist can be […]