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Workstation Assessment – Making the best of your work space

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Is your work situation optimised? Would you benefit from a Workstation Assessment?

What is a Workstation Assessment?

A workstation assessment is essentially an assessment of your work space. Your employer is legally required to ensure that your workstation meets certain requirements. Here you can find more information about working safely with display screen equipment and those legal requirements.

What does a WSA entail?

A work station assessment will generally entail you (or an assessor) filling out a tick box form. This usually breaks down your work station into individual area’s and those area’s are ‘measured’ against standard guidelines. So for example if we take your screen (or DSE – Display Screen Equipment). The assessor would look at:

  • it’s height
  • it’s distance from you
  • how many you have
  • and the position of those relative to you
  • the brightness and contrast
  • the size of the fonts
  • among other things.

The assessor would then advise on each of these and make adjustments to optimise the screen set up for you. Ideally teaching you the principles so you can take them and apply them accross any other work station you have.

An Assessment – in your office.

We can undertake an assessment of your workstation in your own office. These can be done anywhere remotely via a video link or if your office is in central London we can come to your office to physically assess your work area.

Workstation Assessment – In your home.

Why have a Workstation Assessment with Central Health?

It is well known that pain can be influenced by a number of contributing factors, and, especially in chronic cases, may not be driven purely by a pathology itself.  Pain severity can be influenced by stress, lack of sleep, sustained ‘bad’ posture and the like.  Often what we do on a day to day basis, whether at work or at home, can influence our pain and can contribute to ongoing problems. Or likewise, prevent a new problem from getting better.

At Central Health Physiotherapy, we can help address all of these potential factors and, if appropriate, come and visit you in your home or work environment.  We don’t just follow a tick box sheet. We will listen to your individual problem and provide tailored solutions for your specific situation. Whether that be reviewing how you sit at your desk or computer at work or at home. Right through to how you relax watching tv (do you sit with your laptop on your lap?) and how you sleep.

A full report will be offered with recommendations on appropriate actions to help relieve pain and help prevent further problems in the future.

Corporate Services – Workstation Assessment for your Employees.

Our team has significant experience in ergonomics and the treatment of occupational ill health and injury. We assess risks; advise and produce policy guidelines; and help with the induction of new staff into their working environment.

Central Health Physiotherapy can tailor make programmes for your business, we offer the following services:

Proactive assessment checklist (Basic: 10-30mins/employee):

This is a basic level assessment that complies with Health & Safety Executive minimum legal requirements and provides advice to help prevent pain and injury for individual employees.

Reactive workstation assessment (Detailed: 30-60mins/employee):

This is a more detailed assessment, appropriate for people with a specific injury or condition that may affect their job. For example, low back pain, or work related upper limb disorder.

A detailed report is provided that explains action taken and future recommendations to include advice regarding ergonomic equipment, rehabilitation, task redesign and environmental adaptation.

If you have several people in your office that need assessments we can arrange for 1/2 day or full day assessment packages.  For more information, please contact us via the website or call 020 7404 6343.

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