Spring News 2019

Big anniversaries for Central Health Physiotherapy “It is 20 years since I started working with Simon Shepard in a one room clinic in Chancery Lane. The clinic was started 25 years ago when Simon bought the phone number from the previous owner. She was the wife of a local barrister who saw some patients in […]

Natasha Price at the opening of our new St John's Wood clinic

Summer Newsletter 2018

The last six months presented some change for CHP who have been treating the folk of St John’s Wood (and much further afield sometimes) for the last 17 years. Having been based all this time at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, we have moved the whole of our outpatient service to The […]

Central Health Physio MD Natasha Price on her bike as part of National Bike Week

Summer News 2017

  Welcome to the latest edition of the Central Health Physio newsletter.  We hope you have all had an active but restful summer. The world has had an action packed and changing six months making the economy unstable, but we at CHP continue to be busy despite this. Across our three outpatients’ clinics we have […]

A view from a boat on the Thames during Central Health Physiotherapy's evening trip out

Winter News 2016

Do I need to see a Physiotherapist or a Massage Therapist? An initial physiotherapy appointment begins with a thorough assessment, followed by diagnosis and treatment. Your physio will take a thorough history of your condition, including how and when your pain started and information about any treatment you may have had previously. The time spent during a massage appointment is […]

Katriona Ryan, running from work across Waterloo Bridge

CHP Summer Newsletter 2016

Commuting on the run The warmer weather is here so it’s time to avoid those packed hot tubes, trains and buses. How about running or walking to work? Below are our tips on how to manage this without injury!   • Introduce new activity slowly – new to running? Why not start by taking public […]

Gemma doing a star jump

Winter News 2015

  The 12 ways of avoiding the physio this Christmas! 1) On the first day of Christmas ….get someone to help you take your tree out of the attic – stretching up and pulling it down without it being passed down to you can result in all sorts of aches and pains! 2) On the second day […]

tennis ftiness

Summer News 2015

Summer holidays are here and inspiration is high after watching a fortnight of Wimbledon but get prepared before donning those tennis whites and hitting that first forehand!   Tennis is fantastic exercise that can be played all year round but unfortunately for many it is only for a few weeks or months in the summer. […]

Denotes someone with ankle pain

Spring News 2015

Race day and recovery tips following your marathon 1. Get your running kit ready the night before. You don’t want to be stressed looking for your favourite socks on the morning of the race. Also, make sure it is kit you’ve worn before and feel comfortable in. 2. Get up early on race day. This allows […]


Winter News 2014

Get the most out of your ski holiday and reduce your chance of an injury.  Preparation is the key! Skiing is not done on a regular basis so it can be a ‘shock to the system’ for both  beginners and experts. The body has to withstand extreme forces as it hurtles down the mountainside, along […]

People warming up at the Workout at Work Day with Central Health Physiotherapy

Summer News 2014

Six easy ways to keep your body more active during the day Following the success of the Workout at Work Day, we feel everyday should have some form of exercise in it to keep our brains and bodies healthy. Why not start now with our six easy steps to improve your brain activity and performance […]