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Chancery Lane Physiotherapy Clinic

Our Chancery Lane Physiotherapy Clinic in Central London opened in 1994, and has since become one of the most respected centres for health excellence. At the clinic we have a team of 16 physiotherapists, massage therapists, Pilates instructors and visiting podiatrists.

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Central Health Physiotherapy
Quality House
5-9 Quality Court
London WC2A 1HP
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(we moved here in 2021)

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Unrivalled Expertise & Services

Combining the latest technology with comfortable and safe individual treatment rooms allows us to offer unrivalled physiotherapy and massage services. We also have a state-of-the-art fitness studio for rehabilitation and Pilates.

The clinic is very involved with the local community, and we are now a proud member of the Chancery Lane Association – which provides continual guidance in relation to the improvement and promotion of the area.

Our goal is to help our patients to restore, maintain and build on their health and fitness. Out patient clinic services include:


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Our Patients Give Us 4.9 Stars!

★★★★★ Super easy to book, the team was quick to respond to my queries. I went to the St. John's Wood branch for a physio appointment. Megan Sumner was excellent, very friendly and showed great empathy. Very thorough first consultation to deal with a lower back strain problem. Very clear explanation and recommendations on various exercises to ease pain. I highly recommend Megan and the practice.Elizabeth L.Elizabeth L. ★★★★★ Really great physio. Intelligent productive advice.Shirley AShirley A ★★★★★ I am writing this review on behalf of my mother Fouzia who received excellent treatment, care and support from Chris Pincher. My mother was suffering from severe heel pain for several months which has significantly improved since seeing Chris. She has also benefited from the specific exercises that Chris recommended and we cannot thank him enough. Highly recommend to anyone who is suffering in pain. It is definitely worth visiting Central Physiotherapy!Noor RNoor R ★★★★★ As others have mentioned, I also have to travel a bit for my appointments here but the level of expertise and help is 5 stars. Ann is a great physio with expertise on EDS / hypermobility.I can confidently say that she has been able to understand my issues and provided advice in a really specific way. It is reassuring she always keeps track of my notes and sends further email communications with them.If you struggle with EDS this is for sure the place.Jessica MJessica M ★★★★★ After having a 'failed' spinal fusion at 21, and further spinal surgery, I have had chronic back pain, and physio intermittently for 33 years. Although a years pain management course has helped me feel more in control of my back for 12 years, I have never been free of it dictating what I do - until I was referred to Chris! After my first appointment, I was very sceptical as no muscle had been eased yet I had arrived with neck spasms and shoulder pain, and sent home being told that my nervous system had to be reset. Four months later, after doing a variety of specific exercises and being told how to use my back biomechanically, rather than continually guarding it, I am stronger and more active, not fearing some gardening, travelling or participating in sport. Chris listened to the pain and issues I was experiencing and, whilst assessing the whole body and its movement, rather than the isolated parts, has slowly retrained my thought process and I know that I will continue to become stronger and reach other goals that were previously definitely out of reach! Thank you Chris, it is worth the 4 hour round trip!Sally F.Sally F. ★★★★★ The staff _ Brigid Duffy is such professional Hydrotherapy and she is so elegant and wise. My partner _ Mark Young and I love her work so much and we are so impressed with the environment there. Staff are very very friendly and warm_hearted.Brilliant.Mark Y.Mark Y.js_loader

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