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Chancery Lane Physiotherapy Clinic

Our Chancery Lane Physiotherapy Clinic in Central London opened in 1994, and has since become one of the most respected centres for health excellence. At the clinic we have a team of 16 physiotherapists, massage therapists, Pilates instructors and visiting podiatrists.

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Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm
Friday 8am-6pm

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Central Health Physiotherapy
Quality House
5-9 Quality Court
London WC2A 1HP
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(we moved here in 2021)

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Unrivalled Expertise & Services

Combining the latest technology with comfortable and safe individual treatment rooms allows us to offer unrivalled physiotherapy and massage services. We also have a state-of-the-art fitness studio for rehabilitation and Pilates.

The clinic is very involved with the local community, and we are now a proud member of the Chancery Lane Association – which provides continual guidance in relation to the improvement and promotion of the area.

Our goal is to help our patients to restore, maintain and build on their health and fitness. Out patient clinic services include:


Please refer to our prices page for full details.

Customer Reviews

Based on 304 reviews
I was recommended to Lisa for my lower back pain. She gave me treatment like acupuncture and massage which were really helpful. Plus the exercises she taught me to do on a daily base significantly reduced the uncomfortableness. Lisa was so nice and I felt like I was treated like a friend more than a patient. In general, the service was really and I highly recommend this place for physiotherapy.
Shikun C.
Shikun C.
Admin staff always helpful and efficient, therapist excellent and provided very beneficial input.
Gillian W.
Gillian W.
Exceptional service
I was recommended to Camilla by a sports injury surgeon after tearing my shoulder in two places doing aerial hoop. I had spent two years waking up in pain and constantly re injuring myself. I had resigned myself to never doing hoop again and the surgeon who directed me to Camilla said it would be unlikely I’d get back to hoop without surgery but if anyone could do it, Camilla could. Camilla used a combination of physio, acupuncture and massage and gave me strength building exercises to do daily. She would take photos and send them to me to help me when I was at home. I think I attended around 5 sessions and although the scale of the injury means I’ll always be a bit wonky, I am pain free and back on the hoop. This would not have happened without Camilla. Cannot honestly recommend her more for shoulder injuries.
sumaira is amazing
Matthew R.
Matthew R.
About 4 weeks before I was due to attempt a solo swim of the English Channel I started experiencing pain in my left arm and shoulder. It was painful to hold a dinner plate, and not just because I was having quite big portions. I stopped training completely and decided to see if massage would help. Fortunately, I made an appointment with Tatjana. We talked about my symptoms and my plans. Over the next two weeks Tatjana brought her remarkable skills to bear, loosening my shoulder and arm so that I was able to swim for the 15 hours 40 minutes it took me to reach France. I had been really worried that I would not be able to start the swim. I am confident that Tatjana was one of the reasons I was able to complete it. Thanks again. A.
andrew S.
andrew S.

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