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Neurological Physiotherapy

Neuro patient with physio

Our neurological physiotherapy services are provided by the hugely experienced North London Neuro Physio team, who are based at our St John’s Wood Clinic.

Neurological physiotherapy can be beneficial for many new and more longstanding neurological conditions such as Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

We are able to provide individual assessment, treatment and advice to work towards optimising your capabilities. We are also able to advise on inpatient neurological physiotherapy within the Wellington Hospital if that is required or requested.

Why specialist neurological physiotherapy?

Individual Treatment Sessions

From initial assessment and during each follow up session. Your physiotherapist will assess and discuss with you how you are moving and help you identify areas to work on and improve.

With longer standing conditions, we will be able to help you identify any habits which may have developed which can be altered to help you move forward again.

Right from the start we will discuss with you how much or little input you may want from your physiotherapist.

Advice on exercises to carry out in your own home

A home exercise programme is an important part of your therapy and may involve activities to help you move better, to strengthen weaker areas and to stretch.

Advice on exercises some one at home can help you with

We are happy for family members and/or carers to join the session if part of your home programme requires some hands-on help. We want you to feel confident in what you continue to do outside of your therapy sessions.

Advice on how to improve or maintain your fitness

Regular exercise to improve fitness is understandably important for people with neurological conditions. We will work with you towards generating ways to manage this aspect of your overall health.

Advice on supports or aids for walking and other tasks

Part of the physiotherapist’s assessment and discussion with you will be about practical tasks and how supports and equipment may assist you to do them safely or more easily.

For further information or advice please contact the Physiotherapy Department on telephone 020 7404 6343.


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Customer review by Mary Krizka for the neurophysiotherapy department, HJE, Central Health Physiotherapy
Customer Review by Mary Krizka
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I was extremely impressed with the physiotherapy. The first time I looked at a set of stairs, my physio said, “We’re going to start you on those.” I thought there’s no way, she’s got to be joking because I couldn’t even lift my leg! But by the end I was going up and down the steps. At home I’m going up and down, it’s just wonderful, alternating up and down. So the rehab was absolutely beyond expectation: It was awesome.

I never had to be concerned about how well my wife was being looked after. It made it very easy to go take care of things at home, knowing that no matter who was on, no matter what time of day, her care was going to be foremost.

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