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Running Gait AnalysisIn London

Our running gait analysis service provides a comprehensive assessment of your running mechanics to identify any biomechanical issues and help you establish optimal running technique to enhance performance and prevent injury.

What is Gait Analysis?

Running gait analysis is a biomechanical assessment that evaluates the way an individual runs or walks. It involves the observation and measurement of various aspects of the person’s gait, including stride length, foot strike pattern, posture, and joint movements.

How can we help with Running Gait?

Our running gait analysis service is an essential tool for runners of all levels. We provide a comprehensive assessment of your running mechanics to identify any biomechanical issues, and help establish optimal running technique to enhance your performance, prevent injuries and enable personalised training strategies.

Who can benefit from Gait Analysis?

Running gait analysis can be beneficial for participants in a wide range of activities and related issues:


Competitive and recreational joggers and runners of all levels. It can help those new to running establish proper technique to prevent pain, niggles and potential injuries as they progress.

Other Sports

Gait analysis can also be helpful for athletes engaged in sports that involve running or repetitive movements, such as football, basketball, and tennis.

Running Related Injuries

People who experience recurring or persistent running injuries, such as shin splints, knee pain, or Achilles tendonitis, can undergo gait analysis to identify any biomechanical issues that may contribute to their injuries.


Gait analysis can also be help individuals with mobility issues or conditions affecting their walking or running patterns. It helps assess any abnormalities and provides guidance for potential interventions or assistive devices.

What are the benefits of Gait Analysis?

Injury Prevention

Identifying biomechanical irregularities and movement patterns helps in implementing preventive measures to reduce injury risk.

Performance Optimisation

Reveal areas where running mechanics can be improved to increase performance and endurance.

Footwear & Orthotics

Determine the best footwear or orthotic devices for an individual's running style and biomechanics.

Long-term Health

Identifying issues early on can help in preventing long-term chronic injuries and joint problems.

What will your Gait Analysis involve?

A complete running gait assessment lasts about an hour and includes:

  • Running Analysis and Re-education
    to improve your running efficiency
  • Functional Screening
    for prevention of running-related injuries
  • Tailored Strength and Conditioning Programme
    to minimise the risk of injury and make the most of your potential
  • Footwear Advice
    for your running style, biomechanics and comfort
  • Personalised Running Programme
    available upon request to individually suit your needs or goals

Why choose us?

We pride ourselves on providing the very best 5 star service for our patients, with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
Based on 555 reviews
I had a speedy recovery thanks to the care of Jack Watson. His personal attention made a big difference. Started with hydrotherapy in clean facilities and then physio carefully overseen by Jack week by week until my fracture was healed.
G C.
G C.
My physiotherapist Elaine Byrne has changed my life completely. Her expertise, her extensive knowledge of EDS, her patience and her way of making me safe with her, and with my body, has been awesome. With the appropriate care this illness can become manageable and I can't imagine someone better than Elaine to help you in the process.
Consu H.
Consu H.
Had a great experience with Jackson! Super knowledgeable and gave useful practical advice to recover from my injury - highly recommend!
Huw L.
Huw L.
Admin staff always helpful and efficient, therapist excellent and provided very beneficial input.
Gillian W.
Gillian W.
Exceptional service
Lisa was able to help with a lower back issue that was giving me an unbelievable amount of pain.After my first session she was able to identify the problem. With her manipulation on the area and some exercises I was able to move more freely without the intense pain I was experiencing. highly recommend CHP
Tony B.
Tony B.

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