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Corporate Physiotherapy & Workplace WellbeingIn London

Our range of corporate physiotherapy and workplace wellbeing services ensure that your staff are working efficiently, comfortably and complying with health and safety regulations.

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How can we help your business?

Corporate physiotherapy, also known as occupational or workplace physiotherapy, is a specialised branch of physiotherapy that focuses on promoting and maintaining the health and well-being of employees within a workplace setting.

Our highly qualified, experienced team works in partnership with you to develop and maintain wellness, health and fitness within your organisation.

With a wide range of services, experience and expertise, we can design an individualised workplace health and well-being package for your exact needs.

In House Physiotherapy

Central Health Physiotherapy provides in house services for many of London’s corporates for the aches and pains that employees have been ignoring or thinking weren’t worthy of a trip to a specialist.

Our physiotherapists are all highly qualified and experienced at dealing with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), and would be on hand to offer advice and recommendations for improvement.

To save your employees’ travel time we also provide the following in house:

An individualised health and well-being service can be designed for your exact needs.

Health and Wellbeing Days

Health and Wellbeing Days are entirely tailor-made to meet the requirements of each company. They can vary in length from a short talk in an open plan office to a full day with informative presentations and practical demonstrations.

Where time is of the essence, presenting to an open plan office allows group interaction with minimum disruption. Instructions will be given on how to use their workstation and chair correctly and allows changes to be made immediately with long-term problems potentially prevented. For fun, a quiz can be included to further learning and give employees a chance to win a massage for example.

Where more time and space is available, clients can choose from a number of different specialist services:

For the aches and pains that employees have been ignoring or thinking weren’t worthy of a trip to a specialist. Our physios would be on hand to offer advice and recommendations for improvement.

We would use the client’s standard chair and desk, and give advice on posture, chair-to-desk heights and injury prevention etc. This is ideal to address those individuals that have specific needs and requirements.

Employees may bring their own bicycles, and, using a turbo trainer, the physiotherapist is able to observe their cycling technique as if cycling outdoors. A 30 minute biomechanical assessment can be made with advice on alterations to saddle & handle bar height & seat position. Small changes to the joint angles and muscle lengths can considerably improve performance and comfort.

We have excellent links with expert nutritionists who can advise on food, health and disease.  Providing practical guidance on appropriate lifestyle and food choices.

We have a fully qualified masseur who could be available to give massages, to help relieve those all too common office stresses and strains. This can be organised on a timetabled 30 minute basis or a quick five minute massage at the desk.

One of the personal trainers or physiotherapists would quickly be able to assess and inform people on what their training focuses should be and explain why certain movements and exercises should be a priority for them.

Ask a Physio Sessions

Ask a Physio sessions are available to companies local to our Central London physio clinics.  These give you and your colleagues an opportunity to ask a physiotherapist about a niggling ache or pain you might have. It’s an opportunity to find out whether a complaint will recover on its own, if you should try specific exercises, or seek further professional advice for a full assessment.

We run them in three ways:

  1. We come in and base ourselves in a communal area for an hour or two, and people pop along on an ad hoc basis with their queries.
  2. You set up a timetable of 10 or so minute slots so that employees can book ahead to avoid any waiting time.
  3. We come along to your organised Health and Wellbeing Day to add an extra service for your employees.

These sessions are a “win-win”. Your employees will be delighted with this opportunity, whilst we get to meet more of our neighbours. This is why we don’t charge for them – they are free of charge (minimum numbers apply). Please note, they should not be regarded as full physio consultations.

What are the benefits?

Our Corporate Physiotherapy service offers many benefits for both employees and employers within the workplace:

Injury Prevention

Ergonomic assessments and identifying potential risk factors helps prevent work-related injuries and musculoskeletal disorders.

Employee Health & Well-being

Promotes a healthy and active lifestyle among employees and can alleviate existing musculoskeletal issues.

Reduced Absenteeism

Reducing the occurrence of injuries and illnesses can decrease the number of sick days taken by employees.

Increased Productivity

Healthy and pain-free employees are more able to perform at their best, leading to increased efficiency and output.

Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Offering corporate physiotherapy as an employee benefit can enhance job satisfaction and boost employee morale.

Reduce Costs

Whilst a corporate physiotherapy program has upfront costs, the wide ranging benefits can lead to long-term, overall cost savings.

Why choose us?

Our corporate services are trusted by highly respected clients in both the private and government sectors…

and our individual clients give us 5 stars!

Based on 555 reviews
I had a speedy recovery thanks to the care of Jack Watson. His personal attention made a big difference. Started with hydrotherapy in clean facilities and then physio carefully overseen by Jack week by week until my fracture was healed.
G C.
G C.
My physiotherapist Elaine Byrne has changed my life completely. Her expertise, her extensive knowledge of EDS, her patience and her way of making me safe with her, and with my body, has been awesome. With the appropriate care this illness can become manageable and I can't imagine someone better than Elaine to help you in the process.
Consu H.
Consu H.
Had a great experience with Jackson! Super knowledgeable and gave useful practical advice to recover from my injury - highly recommend!
Huw L.
Huw L.
Admin staff always helpful and efficient, therapist excellent and provided very beneficial input.
Gillian W.
Gillian W.
Exceptional service
Lisa was able to help with a lower back issue that was giving me an unbelievable amount of pain.After my first session she was able to identify the problem. With her manipulation on the area and some exercises I was able to move more freely without the intense pain I was experiencing. highly recommend CHP
Tony B.
Tony B.

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