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We are all suddenly aware of coughs and splutters, especially for any Londoners travelling on the tube.

A picture of a businessman coughingFor most of us this will mean nothing more than a few days on the sofa with a duvet and a Lemsip© but for patients with any underlying lung conditions, the implications could be much more serious.

Asthma affects 1 in 12 adults in the UK and costs the NHS around £1 billion per year. According to Asthma UK, Asthma also accounts for up to 12.7 million working days lost each year.

Winter is a problematic time for individuals with asthma as both the colder air and the increased prevalence of seasonal viruses, can cause increased irritability of airways, which can lead to wheeziness, phlegm and shortness of breath.

It isn’t only asthmatics that are affected, patients with COPD, emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis and many other lung conditions find the winter months the most troublesome.

There are many articles and information sources that give lots of helpful tips but unfortunately many forget to mention how a physiotherapist can help. Respiratory physiotherapists can advise you how to minimise these risks and what to do if you are affected.

Respiratory physiotherapists are experts in the prevention and treatment of chest infections. They are able to provide advice on a range of issues including correct use of inhalers, management of shortness of breath, clearance of phlegm and how to exercise safely.

If you would like more information on these services or to find out if a respiratory physiotherapist can make your winter less about coughs and splutters and more about carols and shopping, contact us at stjohnswood@central-health.com or physiochelsea@central-health.com.

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Lauren Kerr

Lauren Kerr is a manager with Central Health Physiotherapy. She is based at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, and manages the physiotherapy services for both the Central Health Physiotherapy outpatients, and also the Chelsea Pensioners. She specialises in acute orthopaedic rehabilitation and palliative rehabilitation and recovery after breast cancer surgery.


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