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Cycling Fitness in London

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Several members of the team here at Central Health have a passion for cycling. Between them they have a mind boggling wealth of physical fitness knowledge. And they are all based, and cycle, in and around London.

We think that’s a pretty darn useful mix, so we’ve combined their awesomeness to share  an expert view on returning, maintaining and building your cycling fitness in London.

Why? Because we’re passionate about helping people achieve their full fitness potential so they spend less time in our physio clinics and more time doing the things they want to do, like cycling!

(and cycling fanatic!)

Paul’s Top Tip

My number one tip for improving your cycling fitness would definitely be to get a bio-mechanical cycle assessment. Day in day out I see people struggling with issues that could be quickly, and easily, fixed. As a keen cyclist myself I often find myself astounded at the number of people that I see on my daily cycle commute into work who have their bike set up inappropriately. A bike should be set up to suit the individual and the set up should maximise the rider’s efficiency. A good cycle assessment will look at your full history, any current injuries, measure your body mechanics and study your cycling technique on your own bike. Adjustments are then made to the bike and your cycling technique, and appropriate exercises and advice given. More Top Tips

Natasha’s Top Tips

I cycle to work as often as I can and love it. I can time my journey and don’t have to rely on overcrowded, delayed and hot public transport. I manage to do a lot of thinking when I am cycling but also have to be mindful of all the drivers and other cyclists who are all in a hurry to get to work.  Never trust that anyone will see you as some will be preoccupied and not notice you.

You have to be assertive but polite when you are on the London roads. It is vital to BE SEEN so neon yellow and good lights are a must.

Service your bike regularly, make sure the set-up is correct and tuck your tummy in to support your back!

Get commuting on a bike, it will energise you in the morning and relax you on the way home.

More Top Tips

Exercise Videos

A selection of exercise videos to help stretch and build strength and fitness for cycling.

Our Favourite London Cycling Resources

 Getting Around London

Transport for London
Official news and journey planner for cycling around London.

Cycle Route
Contribute, use and review tried and tested London cycle routes.

Time Out London
News and reviews for everything cycle related in London.

London Cycling Campaign
A charitable community promoting and supporting cycling across Greater London.

Cycling meet ups in and around the City of London.

London Cycling Campaign
A charity organisation providing a voice for cyclists in Greater London.


Comprehensive, feature packed transport planner app including cycling.
 iOS    Android

Bike sharing app showing nearest Boris Bike stations & availability.

 iOS    Android

Bike Gear Calculator
Calculate the optimum gearing to improve your ride performance.
 iOS    Android

First Aid For Cyclists
First aid for cyclists app from St John Ambulance.
 iOS    Android

Track your rides, join challenges and share with friends.
 iOS    Android

Garmin Connect
Tracking, analysis, sharing and encouragement for your rides.
 iOS    Android

 Rides and Events

Let’s Ride
Find details of guided and social rides in and around London.

The London Revolution
Official site of the multi-day 185 mile ride around the capital.

Kidney Research UK
Charity rides including the 5 day London2Paris ride.

Prudential RideLondon
Official site of London’s annual two-day cycling festival.

London – Paris Bike Ride
An amazing cycle from the heart of the UK to Paris. Choose your charity.

London – Brighton Bike Ride
A charity ride through the Kent and Sussex countryside, to Brighton.

The BHF London – Brighton Bike Ride
The official British Heart Foundation charity ride website.

London Bike SHow
The official site of the UK’s largest cycling exhibition.

 Blogs and Associations

London Cycling Campaign Blog
All the latest news and views on making London a better place for cycling.

Championing the bicycle to build happier, connected communities.

London Cyclist
Probably the most well known blog out there for London cycling.

TFL Cycling in London
Information and tips for cycling around London from TFL.

Cycling Clubs in London
Find your nearest cycling club in London.

British Cycling
Official site of the national governing body for cyclesport.

Do you know of a great cycling in London resource that you can’t live without? Get in touch and let us know!

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