Our face to face clinics have reopened & home visits are now available - DETAILS

Clinics Reopening for Face to Face Consultations

Central Health Physiotherapy St. John’s Wood and Chancery Lane are delighted to have re-opened their doors for face to face appointments. The Royal Hospital Chelsea remains closed, however, we have relocated our Chelsea physiotherapy team to a clinic, just a few minutes away, in Pimlico.

There is a limited amount of appointments available in clinic between the hours of 08.00-16.00.

Online Physio Clinics

Our online virtual physio clinics will be operating as normal, we have found these to be very useful and effective at delivering physiotherapy during the coronavirus pandemic. We have more staff available to see you and, whilst lock-down continues to ease, this a great way to keep on track with your rehabilitation now instead of waiting for life to get back to normal. If you need us do not hesitate to get in touch!

Home Visits in London

We will also be offering Physiotherapy home-visits within a 1-mile radius of all 3 of our clinics:

  • Chancery Lane – WC2A 1QS
  • Chelsea – SW3 4SR
  • St. John’s Wood – NW8 7JA

Service Specific Information

Our hypermobility initial assessments are 90 minutes due to the complexity of the condition. However, due to guidelines set out by our regulatory body, we are no longer able to spend 90 minutes face-to-face with you. To offer you the same unrivalled level of service and expertise, we will split your initial appointment into 2 sessions with the same clinician; A 45-minute video appointment primarily for history-taking which will be followed up with a 45-minute face-to-face session in clinic to complete the physical examination and commence treatment.

Due to limited hydrotherapy availability, we now complete the first 30 minutes of the initial assessment online via video appointment. This is to take your history, complete a brief functional assessment and assess your suitability for hydrotherapy. This will be followed up with a 30-minute pool session.

Face to Face Consultations During Coronavirus Pandemic in the UK

First and foremost, the health and wellbeing of our patients and staff is highly important to us.

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) recommends that a ‘virtual first’ approach must be utilised where possible during these times. We recommend you continue online physiotherapy unless there is a clinical requirement for face to face contact.

We are able to triage you via email or by phone and, where necessary, agree for you to visit us in clinic.

PLEASE NOTE: The decision as to whether you require a face to face appointment is the responsibility of your physiotherapist, it must be clinically justified and mutually agreed by both parties. Your physiotherapist will be able to provide hands-on assessment and treatment, but to comply with government guidelines, they will aim to spend less than 15 minutes of the session within one metre of you.
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Guidance

If you are in the high-risk group, or face to face contact is deemed unnecessary at the triage stage, an initial assessment will be completed via video consultation, charged at our usual online physiotherapy rates.

IMPORTANT: If you have booked a face to face appointment please complete a consent form prior to your visit.

If you are considering a face to face consultation, you must read the following information.

To comply with government guidelines, your Physiotherapist will be wearing the following PPE for the duration of your appointment:

  • Single-use non-latex gloves.
  • Apron.
  • Medical grade face mask.
  • Eye protection.

Please consider if a face to face appointment is appropriate for you, especially if you meet any of the following criteria, we will screen for this on your initial appointment:

  • You are aged over 70.
  • You have a BMI > 40.
  • You have a weakened immune system.
  • You have any co-morbidities which can cause immunosuppression such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, alcohol abuse, smoking, long-term steroid use, cancer diagnosis or current cancer treatment.
  • You are caring for anyone in the shielded category.
  • There will be a maximum of 4 Physiotherapists working in the clinic per day.
  • Appointments will be spaced out so that there will be at least 15 minutes between appointments. This will be to allow for social distancing in the waiting area, and the physiotherapist time to change their PPE and sanitise all surfaces, touch points and equipment between appointments.
  • Disposable couch-roll will be used to cover the plinth and pillows. The plinth will be fully sanitised, and pillowcases changed between each patient.
  • The gym will not be used.
  • Professional cleaners will perform a deep clean of the department at the end of each day.

On attending our clinics, we ask you to follow the below guidance:

  • You will be emailed a consent form prior to your first appointment with us – please complete, sign, and return this prior to the start of your appointment.
  • Please wear a face covering for the duration of your visit.
  • Please enter the clinic no more than 5 minutes before the start of your appointment time, if you are early, we kindly ask you wait outside of the building.
  • Please comply with temperature testing on entering the building or the clinic.
  • Where possible, please take the stairs to access our clinic. If you require the lift, please ensure you do not use it at the same time as someone else to maintain social distancing.
  • Please carefully clean your hands with the alcohol gel provided on entering and exiting the clinic.
  • Please maintain two metres distance from anyone else on the premises or in the waiting area.
  • The doors to our clinic and treatment rooms will be left open where possible to maximise ventilation in between appointments and reduce the need for you to touch door handles. The treatment room doors will only be closed during your session to maintain privacy.
  • Please do not use the communal water coolers or coffee machine. Please bring your own water to your session if required.
  • There will be no reading material or leaflets available in clinic waiting areas.
  • Please maintain a two-metre distance from your physiotherapist where possible for the parts of your session that do not require closer contact.
  • Please prepare for a suitable level of undress during your session, you will need to bring your own shorts to the session if you have a spinal or lower-limb issue. We will no longer be able to issue shorts in clinic as we have previously.
  • Please keep personal items in your pocket or bag for the duration of your appointment.
  • All physiotherapy exercises will be sent out electronically, no written information will be handed to patients.
  • All letters will be sent electronically or via post.
  • Please make all payments remotely prior to or following your appointment via pay-pal, BACS transfer or over the phone.
  • You must notify us if you develop symptoms of coronavirus within two weeks of attending your appointment.
  • Please note there will not always be administrative staff on site, but they will be available via email or over the phone where necessary to assist you.
  • Please attend your appointment alone where possible, unless you require an interpreter or you are accompanying your child for their appointment.

We are complying with government guidance to minimise the risk of our patients and staff contracting COVID-19 as much as possible. However, we are unable to eliminate the risk completely of contracting the virus if you come for a face to face appointment.

We strongly advise you do not come to clinic if you or anyone in your household is in the high-risk group as outlined above. Please let us know when enquiring about an appointment if you do meet any of the criteria listed.

Please do not attend our clinics if:

If you have booked a face to face physiotherapy appointment at one of our clinics, please complete a face to face physiotherapy consent form prior to your visit.

Complete a Consent Form

We are still here for you!

To maintain the safety of all our patients and staff due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, our 3 London face-to-face clinics are now closed.

Our specialist physiotherapists are still on hand to offer the same expert advice and keep you on track with your rehabilitation through remote video consultations. We are also offering our usual 1:1 pilates and physio fitness services this way.

Our new Video Appointment online booking service will be available for new and existing clients in the coming days – watch this space!

In the meantime, if you would like to book a video appointment please contact us to arrange.

Please bear with us during these challenging times.

45-minute Initial Physiotherapy Video Consultation £60

30-minute Follow-Up Physiotherapy Video Consultation £40

1-hour Hypermobility Physiotherapy Initial Video Consultation £80

1-hour 1:1 Pilates with a Physiotherapist £80

30-minute 1:1 Pilates with a Physiotherapist £40

1-hour 1:1 Physio Fitness £80

30-minute 1:1 Physio Fitness £40

Our remote physiotherapy consultations are covered by all major private healthcare providers.

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