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Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Xray Illustrating Pulmonary RehabilitationStrong evidence supports the fact that pulmonary rehabilitation reduces breathlessness, increases exercise ability, such as walking, and improves your quality of life. Central Health Physiotherapy offers an eight-week pulmonary rehabilitation course: physiotherapy to exercise and strengthen your lungs, heart and body.

If you suffer from chronic lung disease and are experiencing increasing breathlessness when doing things you previously found easy, then we can help you.

The pulmonary rehabilitation course:

  • includes exercises to reduce symptoms and improve strength and endurance
  • teaches you how to best manage your condition
  • maximises your function and quality of life
  • demonstrates the optimal use of your inhaler
  • explains chest clearance techniques if you have problems with phlegm
  • provides you with methods of relaxation to save energy, so that you can do the things you want, when you want

The course is held for one hour, twice a week.

Mondays 12.30pm-1.30pm and Wednesdays 12pm-1.00pm.
Patients must have an initial one-to-one assessment before attending the course. The cost is £417 for 16 sessions. 

Meet the Experts

Keena Shavji, Specialist Cardio Respiratory Physiotherapist

Keena Shavji

Keena is a Specialist Cardio Respiratory Physiotherapist who, prior to working at our St John’s Wood clinic, was the team lead for over 5 years at London’s Heart Hospital, a specialist heart and lung surgical hospital in central London.


Respiratory physiotherapist Corrine Ward, The Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth

Corrine Ward
Corrine has extensive specialist experience of respiratory conditions from intensive care, the acute setting and through to out-patients with 24 years’ post graduate experience.  She runs a clinic from our Chelsea Clinic.


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