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Sports PhysiotherapyIn London

Our team of expert physiotherapists are here to help athletes, sports enthusiasts, and active individuals recover from sports injury.
They can also help you achieve optimal physical function to prevent injury and enhance performance.

How can we help with your injury and fitness?

Whether you’ve just suffered a sport-stopping injury, or struggling to return to full performance with a long-term niggle, our highly experienced physio team can help. Recover from injury and return to your sport in optimal condition.

Injury Diagnosis

When an injury occurs, our physiotherapists perform thorough assessments to diagnose the nature and extent of your injury.

Injury Treatment

Personalised treatment plans that include therapeutic techniques and exercises to facilitate the healing process and restore optimal function.

Injury Rehabilitation

Your physiotherapist will work with you to restore your functional abilities to their pre-injury levels or even higher.

Return to Sport

Once you've healed, and regained sufficient strength and function, we'll guide you through a structured process to safely return to your activity.

Performance Enhancement

Your movement and biomechanics can be analysed to identify areas for improvement, and tailor exercises to optimise your physical capabilities.

Injury Prevention

We can assess your movement patterns, strength and physical condition to identify potential areas of weakness that could lead to injury.

Pain Management

We use techniques such as manual therapy, soft tissue and joint mobilisation, and shockwave therapy to reduce pain and discomfort.

More Sports Injury & Fitness Services

We provide a range of specialist sports injury and fitness services to compliment our sports physiotherapy service.

sports injury shockwave therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Expedite pain relief and recovery from your tendon or ligament injury

sports massage

Sports Massage

Improve sporting performance and recovery from injuries

A group of performing arts performers warming up

Performing Arts Physio

Designed to get you back on stage as soon as possible!

sport fitness pilates

1 to 1 Pilates

Tailored sessions to your personal needs and at a time that suits you

running gait assessment

Running Gait Analysis

Optimise running technique, prevent injury and enhance performance


Skiing & Snowboard Fitness

Reduce the risk of injury on holiday and up your fitness fast!

What Patients Say About Our Physio Service

★★★★★ My physiotherapist Elaine Byrne has changed my life completely. Her expertise, her extensive knowledge of EDS, her patience and her way of making me safe with her, and with my body, has been awesome. With the appropriate care this illness can become manageable and I can't imagine someone better than Elaine to help you in the process.Consu H.Consu H. ★★★★★ Had a great experience with Jackson! Super knowledgeable and gave useful practical advice to recover from my injury - highly recommend!Huw L.Huw L. ★★★★★ Admin staff always helpful and efficient, therapist excellent and provided very beneficial input.Gillian W.Gillian W. ★★★★★ Exceptional serviceneen111neen111 ★★★★★ Lisa was able to help with a lower back issue that was giving me an unbelievable amount of pain.After my first session she was able to identify the problem. With her manipulation on the area and some exercises I was able to move more freely without the intense pain I was experiencing. highly recommend CHPTony B.Tony B. ★★★★★ I've been seeing Ann on and off for years and she has done some incredible work. Would highly recommend her for anyone with mobility impairments. I will always be grateful.Clarissa S.Clarissa S. ★★★★★ I was recommended to Camilla by a sports injury surgeon after tearing my shoulder in two places doing aerial hoop. I had spent two years waking up in pain and constantly re injuring myself. I had resigned myself to never doing hoop again and the surgeon who directed me to Camilla said it would be unlikely I’d get back to hoop without surgery but if anyone could do it, Camilla could. Camilla used a combination of physio, acupuncture and massage and gave me strength building exercises to do daily. She would take photos and send them to me to help me when I was at home. I think I attended around 5 sessions and although the scale of the injury means I’ll always be a bit wonky, I am pain free and back on the hoop. This would not have happened without Camilla. Cannot honestly recommend her more for shoulder injuries.L OL O ★★★★★ We had a very professional experience at the center. Kristina was the physiotherapist treating my son who had a knee surgery and she was very friendly and professional at the same time. She did her best to alleviate my son’s worries and to help him during his recovery and rehabilitationAmal M.Amal M. ★★★★★ sumaira is amazingMatthew R.Matthew R.js_loader

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