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Physio treating a patient using acupunctureAcupuncture is a medical system which originated in China, where it has been used for over two thousand years to restore and maintain good physical and mental health.

Physiotherapists use acupuncture as an effective adjunct to enhance their physiotherapy treatment. All Central Health Physiotherapists using acupuncture have done additional training and are members of the AACP (Acupuncture Association for Chartered Physiotherapists). The physiotherapists tend to combine both Traditional and Western techniques. They tend to focus their acupuncture sessions on pain relief. Acupuncture can be very effective in the treatment of low back and neck pain, knee pain (especially osteoarthritis) and a wide range of other musculoskeletal problems.

During treatment fine needles are inserted into the body and lightly manipulated to stimulate Qi (pronounced ‘chee’), the body’s natural vitality and communications system.

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