Massage has a profound positive effect on health by maximising the body’s potential for regeneration and recovery. It calms and soothes whilst also having a stimulating, refreshing and invigorating effect.

Deep tissue massage is one of the most popular ways to help your body relax and recuperate, whether as treatment following physical training or as a form of relaxation. With a focus on the deeper muscle tissue layers, this form of massage is designed to release tension in the body using a variety of slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the affected areas.

If you have been training hard for a sporting event, you may find yourself with some aches and strains. Not only is this likely to affect your performance, it may also grow worse over time. Sports massage helps to ease these complaints by relaxing muscles and improving circulation.

Massage therapist Emily Low


Massage Therapist Lizzie Hewitt, with Central Health Physiotherapy


Why choose us for massage?

Emily Low  is a former ballet dancer, who specialises in a full range of deep tissue release techniques, Swedish therapeutic massage, sports and also pregnancy massage.   Lizzie Hewitt specialises in soft tissue therapy, Thai foot massage, Indian head massage and natural lift face massage.

They both have a personal understanding of the effect that daily physical demands place on the body, and also of the stresses of a highly pressured working environment.

Emily divides her time between Chancery Lane and The Royal Hospital Chelsea and Lizzie is based at Chancery Lane.








Please note that massage is not covered by private insurance companies.

The massage therapist was incredibly professional throughout and made me feel at ease and comfortable from the off. I felt relaxed after the massage, I really couldn’t fault it. I will definitely be back.  Survey Monkey response