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Chris Pinches

Central Health Physiotherapy physio Chris Pinches

Based our St John’s Wood clinic, Chris manages the musculoskeletal outpatient team.

I help patients of all ages with persistent non- specific mechanical spinal pain who have become confused, concerned, and disenchanted by failure to respond to conventional approaches to managing their problem. I do this by listening to them about the problem, what it means to them and their life and how it makes them feel. I help them understand their problem using simple explanations, metaphors and anecdotes to allow them to understand sometimes complex and multi- factorial issues involved with their problem. And then by demonstrating how they can use simple practical, functional exercises to get control over their pain and improve their confidence and function.


Chris sees a wide range of musculoskeletal problems but has a special interest in spinal problems, especially persistent Low Back Pain.
He has links with consultant orthopaedic spinal surgeons throughout North West London.

Other Experience

NHS and private sector
Academy of football at West Ham United FC
Part- time lecturer and examiner at Oxford Brooks University
Clinically supervised undergraduate and graduate students


BSc, University of Bath, 1997
MSc, School of Health and Human Performance, University College London

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