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Chris Pinches

Central Health Physiotherapy physio Chris Pinches

Chris Pinches:  Clinical Lead and Advanced Physiotherapist

You can find Chris at our St. John’s Wood, Clinic.

I help patients of all ages with persistent non-specific mechanical spinal pain who have become confused, concerned, and disenchanted by failure to respond to conventional approaches to managing their problems. I do this by listening to them about the problem, what it means to them and their life and how it makes them feel. I help them understand their problem using simple explanations, metaphors and anecdotes to allow them to understand sometimes complex and multi-factorial issues involved with their problem. And then by demonstrating how they can use simple practical, functional exercises to get control over their pain and improve their confidence and function.


Chris sees a wide range of musculoskeletal problems but has a special interest in spinal problems, especially persistent Low Back Pain.
He has links with consultant orthopaedic spinal surgeons throughout North West London.

Other Experience

NHS and private sector
Academy of football at West Ham United FC
Part- time lecturer and examiner at Oxford Brooks University
Clinically supervised undergraduate and graduate students


BSc, University of Bath, 1997
MSc, School of Health and Human Performance, University College London

Customer Reviews

Central Health PhysiotherapyExcellentCentral Health Physiotherapy4.9 Based on 458 reviews fromSee all reviews review us onChris SmithChris Smith ★★★★★ A fantastic and speedy booking service to a date and time suitable to me.Friendly staff top marks.Noor RNoor R ★★★★★ I am writing this review on behalf of my mother Fouzia who received excellent treatment, care and support from Chris Pincher. My mother was suffering from severe heel pain for several months which has significantly improved since seeing Chris. She has also benefited from the specific exercises that Chris recommended and we cannot thank him enough. Highly recommend to anyone who is suffering in pain. It is definitely worth visiting Central Physiotherapy!Sally FordySally Fordy ★★★★★ After having a 'failed' spinal fusion at 21, and further spinal surgery, I have had chronic back pain, and physio intermittently for 33 years. Although a years pain management course has helped me feel more in control of my back for 12 years, I have never been free of it dictating what I do - until I was referred to Chris! After my first appointment, I was very sceptical as no muscle had been eased yet I had arrived with neck spasms and shoulder pain, and sent home being told that my nervous system had to be reset. Four months later, after doing a variety of specific exercises and being told how to use my back biomechanically, rather than continually guarding it, I am stronger and more active, not fearing some gardening, travelling or participating in sport. Chris listened to the pain and issues I was experiencing and, whilst assessing the whole body and its movement, rather than the isolated parts, has slowly retrained my thought process and I know that I will continue to become stronger and reach other goals that were previously definitely out of reach! Thank you Chris, it is worth the 4 hour round trip!Donna GibbsDonna Gibbs ★★★★★ I couldn't recommend Chris highly enough. He was patient, listened and answered all of my questions. He gave me answers and solutions for the future, and eased a lot of my worries. He helped me understand my back and how to manage it holistically for the future. He gave me confidence in my back again after a severe disc bulge. Thank you Chris!Dimitar StoyanovDimitar Stoyanov ★★★★★ I am extremely happy with the treatment provided by Chris. He's very knowledgeable and patient. Took the time to explain in depth the cause of the issue and the best way to overcome it. I would highly recommend to anyone in the future! Thank you Chris!Oliver M.Oliver M. ★★★★★ Chris Pinches at Central Health’s St John’s Wood clinic really made a difference for me! After years of back and neck problems and countless hours spent with various chiropractors and physios, I was finally able to improve my daily well-being. Chris’ highly competent and holistic approach based on listening first and then proposing a customized plan of action ensured I was feeling better within weeks. With Chris’ help and guidance, I was able to take control over my pain and develop a feeling of confidence. The only caveat is that this is not a passive treatment plan. But for anyone willing to take self-initiative and do a few simple exercises on a regular basis, I would highly recommend an introductory session with Chris to find out more about his differentiated and very successful philosophy and approach.Kelli BlanchettKelli Blanchett ★★★★★ Chris is really great and understanding, he helped me relieve some pain whilst I was there. He really listened and cared.Rahul SumarriaRahul Sumarria ★★★★★ Chris Pinches gave me a completely different perspective on my issues. Very enlightening approach to dealing with ailments. He talks about neurological and psychological factors as much as physical and aims to marry them up. Would definitely recommend anyone else. Very knowledgeable and a nice guy to boot.Adam TzimasAdam Tzimas ★★★★★ Was referred to Chris Pinches for sudden excruciating pain I was having in my back; potential disc tear and lack of flexibility.Chris was excellent for the duration of our sessions together. I really appreciated how he created an open platform for dialogue, explaining his thoughts and actively listening to tailor his approach. He never rushed me out of the room, was always keen to answer questions I had and never took a judgmental attitude to mistakes I was potentially doing.Chris gave me a great sense of positivity and reaffirmed my confidence in my back, which has resulted in a speedy recovery and a loss of anxiety surrounding the severity of my injury.I couldn't recommend Chris highly enough, thank you so much for the support you've given me over the last couple months.Gurpreet SGurpreet S ★★★★★ Very happy, Chris solved an 18 month side issue which my GP had no answer for. He was professional, highly knowledgeable and friendly. Thanks.Patricia WynnPatricia Wynn ★★★★★ I am so grateful for the care and patience that Chris Pinches has provided me throughout my recovery for recurrent Cauda Equina Syndrome. Chris understands the connection between physical and mental health during recovery and really helped build my confidence to get back to doing the things I love. I will be forever grateful. -Patti WynnKirstin KnellKirstin Knell ★★★★★ Chris was a great help to me post ankle op. He honed into what I needed to do to get back to my former mobility and was more focused on the effectiveness of exercises rather than the repetitiveness of them.Luke BrownLuke Brown ★★★★★ Just such a great experience. Chris Pinches provided such consistent, professional care that was full of detail but also compassion and ambition for my recovery. Would absolutely recommend and I'll be back whenever I next trip over my own feet.js_loader

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