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Kristina Schraut

Central Health Physiotherapy physio Kristina Schraut

Based at St John’s Wood.

I help all age group of patients who sustained an injury by guiding them through all stages of recovery, so that they are able to return to their sport of choice or previous activity level.


Kristina Schraut is an experienced physiotherapist and Pilates teacher who has worked in Germany and the UK. She incorporates Pilates concepts into your rehabilitation to ensure that your alignment and stability are improved in order to reduce stress on your joints.


Kristina is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist who can treat back and neck problems, ligaments sprains, tendon problems, muscle strains and postural problems. She is also an expert in the management of sports injuries, rheumatological conditions and post – operative rehabilitation.

Other Experience

Kristina spent eleven years in the NHS plus one year in a private clinic in Germany. She previously worked at specialist level at Imperial College Healthcare Trust and The Whittington Hospital, working closely with Spinal and Lower Limb specialists treating both acute and chronic conditions referred by GPs and Consultants. As an orthopaedic physiotherapist at The Wellington Hospital Kristina worked closely with Orthopaedic surgeons.

While working at a private Pilates and Physiotherapy institute Kristina gained experience teaching one to one Pilates using small and large equipment including the Reformer and Cadillac as well as treating musculoskeletal conditions.


Physiotherapy, Qualified in Hanover, Germany 1999
Clinical Pilates


Pilates, running, Barry’s Bootcamp, skiing and kitesurfing


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