Hydrotherapy – what is it?

Firstly, hydrotherapy is not a spa treatment!

Hydrotherapy in physiotherapy is essentially exercises, performed in warm water (34-36 degrees). RHC CHP Hydrotherapy PoolThe buoyancy of the water unloads the weight of the body, reducing stress on joints and allowing better freedom of movement. With the aid of floats and equipment specific exercises are used to mobilise stiff joints, alleviate pain and muscle tension and most importantly strengthen muscles in a very graded manner.

Hydrotherapy can be used to speed recovery and progress range of movement and strength at any stage of an injury or rehabilitation phase. Conditions that respond particularly well in this environment are:

  • Acute and chronic low back pain
  • Acute sports injuries, such as ankle sprains, meniscal injuries and shoulder dislocations
  • Frozen shoulders
  • Post surgical, shoulder, knee, hip and ankle
  • Hypermobility
  • Long-term chronic pain
  • General deconditioning

At our new site at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, we now offer 1:1 private hydrotherapy and a 1:4 lower limb strengthening class. Please see our website or call 020 7404 6343 for more details on times and prices.

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Laura Fidler

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