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CHP Summer Newsletter 2016

Commuting on the run

The warmer weather is here so it’s time to avoid those packed hot tubes, trains and buses. How about running or walking to work?

Below are our tips on how to manage this without injury!


Katriona Ryan, running from work across Waterloo Bridge

Introduce new activity slowly – new to running? Why not start by taking public transport half way and then running, walking, or a mix of both, the rest of the way into work. Or consider running or walking to work and taking public transport back or vice versa. Seasoned runner? To avoid injury,
increase your weekly mileage slowly and mix it with some strength and conditioning. Ensure you take rest days to recover in between runs.
Prepare for your walk/run –Try to keep your backpack light by planning ahead and storing as much of what you need at work the day before your run. Carrying a bulky, heavy and awkward pack can produce problems as your body is not used to the impact. Stick to the quieter streets to avoid people dodging!
Make sure you have good footwear – the streets of London are hard and weekly pounding can take its toll. You should expect to pay good money for good supportive shoes. If you run regularly, they will need changing annually. We at CHP offer gait analysis to assess your running style and to inform you which type of trainers you need.
Make sure you have good kit – make sure you have tested out your kit before you run to ensure it is comfortable and doesn’t chafe. If you use a back-pack ensure it can be secured around your chest and waist to reduce the amount of movement. Always carry water.
Warm up properly – This is a highly debated topic so follow our next blog for more on this and things to do pre exercise that can be done in a few minutes. One really good thing is to hold onto the kitchen table and do some leg swings back and forth and side to side. Once you are slightly warmed up, start running at a slow pace for the first 10 minutes and then slowly increase to your usual pace. If you are walking, start at a slow pace and gradually increase. When you get to work, give yourself 5 minutes to stretch down working on calves, buttocks and thighs.

Jenny Sharpe is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist based at The Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth. She enjoys skiing, ski touring as well as outdoor sports such as climbing, running and cycling and takes great satisfaction in returning people to the sports they love. She has a particular interest in lower limb injuries and endurance sports of all kinds!



CHP is delighted to have formed a partnership with AposTherapy


Apos Therapy ShoeThe AposTherapy® treatment corrects the way you walk through re-educating the brain and muscles to work properly in order to re-establish normal symmetrical walking. This is achieved in two stages. Initially, by bringing your body to optimal alignment with the help of the foot worn device, The AposTherapy® treatment changes the way forces travel through your body, thus reducing the pressure and strain on painful areas in the joint.


Free Pilates Tasters

Somebody doing a Pilates poseOur free Pilates tasters are still proving really popular and give the chance of trying Pilates before committing to a course. By coming to a taster class, you would also eliminate the need for a one-to-one session before joining the group.



Victoria Frosdick on Radio 4

Our SpecialiVicky Frosdick at BBC Radio 4st Orthopaedic Physiotherapist Victoria
Frosdick recently appeared on Radio 4’s Women’s Hour alongside Hip Surgeon Mr Jeremy Latham. Dame Jenny Murray quizzed them on the latest research into activity before and after hip surgery. Of specialist interest was the topic of returning to sexual activity after hip
replacement surgery. Listen to the whole interview at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0766gcm, click on “Hip Arthritis and Sex Lives”.


Dave Wales article in Frontline

David Wales in Frontline Magazine

David was featured in Frontline magazine explaining how improved movement patterns and neuro-muscular control can reduce the risk of ACL knee injuries during ski-ing.





Dave Wales gave a talk at Lords Cricket Ground

David Wales giving a talk at Fortius Clinic


David gave a talk to an audience of over 100 doctors on the topic of patellofemoral (knee) pain and its physiotherapy management.





VIP treatment for James at Chelsea

James Cocker, Central Health Physiotherapy, at the Chelsea Flower Show


Chelsea Clinic physio James Cocker was given a very privileged “open all areas” tour by Bob the 90+ year old pensioner who has a wealth of botanical knowledge.
The picture shows Bob and James in the ‘Field-of-Poppies” display. It was made up of almost 300,000 individual crocheted poppies and covered nearly 2,000 square metres.





Pizza making evening

Pizza making evening. Picture shows Lucy Lucie and Shefali from Central Health PhysiotherapyPizza Evening ii


We had a really fun evening discovering new talents.

There are some budding pizzaiolos amongst us!





The Dow Jones Charity Football Match

David Wales, Central Health Physiotherapy, playing in a football match


David took part in a high powered, low paced football match at Millwall FC withexecutives from Dow Jones, HSBC, Deloitte and BP and managed to score the winning goal!





Katriona Ryan

Physiotherapist Katriona Ryan with Central Health Physiotherapy

Katriona is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist and splits her time between Chancery Lane and St John’s Wood. She specialises in spinal and joint problems and sports injuries and in her spare time is a keen runner and netball player.


Jeanette Gibson

Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist Jeanette Gibson, Central Health Physiotherapy

Jeanette has joined the specialist neuro physiotherapy team at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth.  She specialises in treating patients who have suffered a stroke.



Lauren Fattal

Lauren is part of the inpatient physiotherapy team at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth. Her particular areas of interest lie in rehabilition in an acute setting. When she’s not at work, Lauren enjoys making the most of living in London.

James Cocker

Physiotherapist James Cocker with Central Health Physiotherapy


James is a highly experienced MSK physiotherapist at our clinic at The Royal Hospital Chelsea. He specialises in sports injuries, post-op rehabilitation and hypermobility. He enjoys running, weight training and yoga.

Welcome back Jenny!

Physiotherapist Jenny Sharpe, Central Health Physiotherapy

Jenny has returned from the Alps and we’re delighted to have her back on the team.  She’s a specialist MSK physio at our St John’s Wood clinic and when she’s not in the mountains enjoys running and yoga.




Gemma Newell

Lead Physiotherapist Gemma Newell

We are really sad to say goodbye to Gemma. She has been a great leader in Chancery Lane, driven our SEO and marketing activities and achieved great results. Enjoy the mountains and future dreams, we will miss you!



Diego Martin-Linares

Assistant physio at Central Health Physiotherapy Diego Martin-Linares
Big thank you to our physiotherapy assistant and massage therapist Diego Martin-Linares who is leaving after 13 years with us. We all wish Diego the best in his future career in teaching and his return to Spain!



Claire Rutherford

Physiotherapist Claire-Anne Head


Claire Rutherford, our Specialist Women’s  Health Physiotherapist who, following the birth of her first child, has taken work nearer to her home. Thank you Claire for building the Women’s Health Service. Deirdre Convery and Katie Jeitz have taken the helm since Claire’s departure.



Paul King & David Wales

Physiotherapist Paul KingPhysiotherapist David Wales


Congratulations to Paul King, who has been promoted to become a member of the management team, managing both the Chancery Lane and Farringdon clinics. Congratulations also to David Wales who has now taken the role of Strategy and Operations Manager.


Hannah Kokoschka

Hannah, Central Health Physiotherapy, running a marathon

Congratulations to Hannah on her fantastic London Marathon achievement, finishing with an amazing time of 3 hours 46 minutes.

Elaine Byrne & Blair Poole

Picture of Elaine's baby, from Central Health Physiotherapy

Blair and her baby, Central Health Physiotherapy


Congratulations to Blair who had a boy called Elijah (pictured to the right) and Elaine who had a boy called Thomas Joseph Leo (pictured to the left).


Iain Weavers

Iain Weavers, Central Health PHysiotherapy, on his wedding day

Also, congratulations to physio Iain Weavers who married Danielle in May.


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