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The Squat Exercise Video

A strengthening exercise primarily for the gluteal and quadriceps muscle groups. Also excellent core exercise. Beneficial for team sports (football, rugby, hockey, netball), tennis and running. Also helpful for those with hip or knee problems, including recovering from ACL surgery.

Video Transcription

To begin the squat, place your hands behind your head, with your forearms parallel with the floor. Have an erect spine, with a natural arch in the lower back. Have your feet in a comfortable position, between hip and shoulder width apart. You may find it more comfortable to have your feet slightly turned out.

As you squat down try to maintain a parallel alignment between your trunk and your shin bones.  Also try to ensure the alignment of your knees over your feet. Your physiotherapist may choose to progress you onto to a more difficult version of this exercise – perhaps squatting with a barbell.

Alternatively, if you find this exercise difficult to do correctly, your physiotherapist may prescribe an easier version, where support is taken in-front with the upper limbs or perhaps squatting using a gym ball.


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