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Women’s Health Physiotherapy- specialists in pregnancy, postnatal, continence and the pelvic floor.

Pregnancy is a time when your body undergoes so much change.  So unsurprisingly aches and pains are very common at this time.   One of most significant changes during pregnancy is the release of the hormone relaxin.  This softens your ligaments and muscles, allowing your body to accommodate your growing bump and ensures your baby can pass through your pelvis at delivery.  As a result, your joints are less supported and you are more susceptible to experiencing discomfort.

For more information please feel free to read our blog on Pelvic girdle pain.

 ” During my first pregnancy I experienced really severe left sided low back pain. Claire fairly instantly diagnosed me with a slipped right hand sacroiliac joint and went about in four fairly pain free sessions basically curing me. Claire’s friendly bedside manner and truly magic hands allowed me to 100% get back on the right track and to start to enjoy my pregnancy again. I honestly can’t thank her enough!” Fabergé

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