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Mummy MOT in London

mummy mot in londonMummy MOT in London @ Central Health St Johns Wood

As a new mum you often have many questions about optimising your recovery following the birth of your baby. Whether it’s following a Caesarean or a vaginal delivery it is important for you to know when you can start exercising again and what’s safe, as rushing back and doing the wrong types of exercise can lead to more harm than good.

There is a lot of conflicting advice out there so it is important to speak to an expert in this field. Our specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapists are ideally placed to do this. They work closely with Consultant midwives, Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and have many years of experience, affording you the best care.

Our Mummy MOT in London is carried out on a one-to-one basis. It ensures an optimal recovery following the birth of your little one and is invaluable in allaying fears and addressing specific concerns. It provides expert information and guidance, a full assessment/MOT, including a pelvic floor and tummy check and much more.  All you need to get back into shape safely!

Our Women’s Health PhysiotherapistDiane Daly, is an official MummyMOT© practitioner. She is offering the Mummy MOT out of our North London Clinic in St Johns Wood and Central London out of our Chancery Lane Clinic. You can book your Mummy MOT in North London through our reception team by:

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