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Continence and the Pelvic Floor

Older woman

Women’s Health problems affect 1 in 3 women and can occur at any age.

Often women are too embarrassed to seek help and advice or simply don’t know what effective conservative treatments are on offer.

There is much evidence supporting the effectiveness of physiotherapy in the treatment of prolapses and incontinence.  As a result the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommend Women’s Health Physiotherapy in the first instance to treat these conditions.  This often means that drugs or surgery are no longer required.      
After giving birth I experienced a leaking bladder and I couldn’t control wind which was very embarrassing. Claire recommended a treatment that really worked for me and I am not embarrassed any more. Claire was very sweet, easy to talk to and I could ask all the questions I needed. I strongly recommend all women see Claire after giving birth, and not to wait too long. Rachel   The treatment I have received in the women’s health physiotherapy department has been wonderful.  Claire has not only provided sound advice but has created an ‘easy to chat’ approach to somewhat sensitive issues and my symptoms are now gone.  Altogether marvellous and I would highly recommend the treatment to others. Caroline      

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