Lumbar Rotation Stretch Exercise Video

A stretch to increase movement and flexibility in the lower back and gluteal region. This may help to relieve back pain.

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Video Transcription

Your physiotherapist may recommend that you progress to a long lever lumbar rotation stretch. This can further increase the flexibility in your lower back, but must be done with care.

Lying on your back with both knees bent, slowly straighten one of your legs and bring your bent knee over the other leg and push your knee towards the floor with the opposite hand. Then reach with the other arm to the opposite side, looking in the same direction. You will feel the stretching in your lower back and bottom. Hold this stretch for approximately twenty seconds and then relax.

At this stage it is recommended that at the end of the twenty seconds you return to your starting position and change to the opposite side. However, if you feel fully comfortable, and at the recommendation of your physio, you can straighten your knee to further increase the stretch. This must be done with real care, but if it’s the appropriate exercise for you, it can provide real relief from lower back pain and sciatica.


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