Central Health Physiotherapy - Three Uniques:

We often ask our clients to review us following their interactions with us. Whether that be seeing our expert Physiotherapists, or Massage Therapists. Or whether it’s after an interaction with our administrative staff. There is however a section of our customer base that have continued to use us over a long period of time. Sometimes this can be over several years for varying ailments. We wanted to know what it was that made us unique in these customers eyes. What was it that drove them to make the descision to stick with us once they had been a customer once. 

So we decided to ask them! We messaged 100 of our longest ‘serving’ customers. We asked them to sum us up in 3 words: This is what came back:

From this we were able to piece together our ‘3 Uniques’. It was a useful process that enabled us to see how our clients see us through their eyes! We are proud to share with you what they thought:


So if you have a problem you’d like to get sorted. Come and experience our trusted, professional service. Delivered by our caring and friendly staff. Even if you haven’t been recommeded by one of the many consultants that send their clients to us or via a friend who has used us before. Come and see why our clients keep coming back. The feeling we get when we get you better, brings us to work everyday. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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