Reduce the risk of injury on your skiing or snowboarding holiday and up your fitness fast!
Get a personalised training package with our specialist physiotherapists.

What is it?

Our Ski & Snowboard Fitness ‘prehab’ package is aimed at skiers looking to get fit under the supervision of a winter sports specialist physiotherapist.

ski snowboard fitness prehab training
winter sports holiday fitness

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to get fitter and stronger to get the most out of their skiing or snowboarding holiday and is looking for guidance from one of our ski specialist physios.

What are the benefits?

Get Fitter, Faster!

Our physio's have specialist knowledge in skiing / snowboarding biomechanics and are therefore ideally placed to give you specific exercises to target your key areas of weakness, whilst ensuring any previously existing injuries are not compromised.

Personal Training Plan For Your Needs

If you get to the gym and then struggle to know what to do to get the most out of your time, then let our physio's do the hard work for you. You just need to show up, give 100% and reap the rewards!

Reduce Risk of Injury During Your Holiday

Spending time to prepare your body with the help of one of our highly skilled physio's will allow you to make the most of your time on the slopes. The fitter and stronger you are the longer and harder you can ski and snowboard! With the added bonus of reducing your risk of injury to boot!

What’s included?

Initial Assessment

Our Ski & Snowboard Fitness Package includes a 45-minute initial assessment with one of our winter sports specialist physios.

Personalised Training Programme

Following this, your specialist physiotherapist will put together a bespoke strengthening programme which will be shared with you through our exercise app.

Physio Fitness Sessions

The package also includes four 1 hour long, 1 to 1 sessions with the physio.
The physio will take you through your exercises, adjusting your technique, weights and/or reps, and generally pushing you to do more than you ever could on your own!

Package Deal

Individually, the total price for all sessions would be £710

Our package price is just £550 (saving you £160!)

So if you’d like some support from one of our expert physio’s in getting you ready to hit the slopes with a bang then click to book below!

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