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With advancing technology, individuals are spending more time at their workstations. With prolonged sitting comes associated poor posture, which can influence work related symptoms (see Ergonomics).

Work related upper limb disorder as it is sometimes known is an overuse syndrome. These terms are “umbrella expressions” that are used to describe arm pain which is associated with repetition of a particular activity (e.g. typing). Prolonged activity of a repetitive nature can place a strain on muscles, ligaments and nerves, all of which can cause pain. During repetitive activities, the nerves can be depleted of their circulation. Some muscles can become overactive and tight which also impedes healthy circulation.

Physiotherapists will consider using pain relieving modalities, as well as educating the patient on how they can reduce the symptoms themselves, often preventing further flare ups. Central Health Physiotherapy offers an individual fully comprehensive on-site workstation assessment.

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