Physiotherapy and Osteoporosis

Woman running demonstrating physiotherapy for osteoporosis

The best way to manage osteoporotic fractures is to prevent them from happening and the best way to prevent them from happening is to identify those at risk, to manage the risk factors and to increase specific exercise.

Physical activity, particularly weight bearing, and specific strengthening exercise have been shown to be beneficial for improving bone density and therefore mechanical bone strength. Exercise has also been shown to improve posture, co-ordination and to reduce the risk of falls in addition to improving general physical health and wellbeing. Physiotherapy intervention, primarily consisting of a carefully graduated exercise programme, has been shown to be effective for improving pain, function and improving quality of life for individuals with minimal trauma osteoporosis related vertebral (spinal) fractures. Our Osteoporosis Clinic is available at St John’s Wood, London. For more information please contact [email protected] or call 020 7404 6343

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