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Ligament and Tendon Problems

Ligaments are soft tissue structures that help to increase the stability of joints. The ligaments along with the joint capsule pass from bone to bone. They are lax enough to allow movement within a joint but at the same time strong enough to protect against excessive motion. Injury to a joint may result in damage to a ligament which could lead to swelling, instability and pain.

Tendons are another soft tissue structure made up of collagen fibres that connect muscles to bone. They are strong structures that can become painful following micro-trauma, tearing or rupturing. Tendons may also fail to heal properly or develop degenerative pathology which is commonly seen.

Such injuries can be debilitating and therefore early assessment and treatment by a physiotherapist will allow you to follow the best advice to optimise the speed of your recovery. Ligament and tendon injuries left untreated could develop into chronic problems and therefore affect function.

Many ligament and tendon problems benefit from Shockwave Therapy, which stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation to damaged tissue to encourage it to regenerate and heal.

Contact us now to find out more about getting Shockwave Therapy at our London clinics and how we can help with your ligament and tendon problems.

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