Biomechanical Cycle Assessment

Bicycle Biomechanical Assessment

Do you cycle to work?
Are you taking advantage of the Government’s Cycle to Work initiative?
Is cycling your hobby?
Are you training for your next triathlon?

Your cycling technique is critical to ensure you optimise performance and remain injury-free. A biomechanics assessment might make all the difference, whether you cycle for pleasure, weight loss, general fitness, competition or rehabilitation after illness or injury.

A biomechanical cycle assessment takes 60 minutes in which time a full subjective history and objective measurements are carried out to assess any injuries you are currently experiencing. Muscle length, strength and core are checked and problematic or weak areas identified.

Our ergo trainer enables our physiotherapists to conduct an assessment of your individual cycling style on your own bike, or the one you are about to buy to make sure it’s right for you. Using video analysis, measurements are taken of the trunk, hip, knee and upper limb angles.

Turbo TrainerAdvice is given regarding ideal cycling  techniques. Adjustments are then made to your bike set up to optimise cadence and relieve stress on musculoskeletal structures. You are then given an information sheet of the changes and any exercises to perform, and you have the opportunity afterwards of emailing or calling a physiotherapist for further advice.

Assessments are carried out by Sean Seymour-Cole at St John’s Wood (020 7404 6343) and Paul King at Chancery Lane (020 7404 6343).

£120 for full 60 minutes assessment including video analysis and physio advice.

Read Paul King’s blog about cycle set-up here.

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