We have fun!

From away days to hospital dances, from birthday celebrations to charity supporting and from Christmas parties to organised social events, there’s always time for some  Central Health Physiotherapy fun!

Away Days...


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Sometimes for the weekend....


Claire playing lawn bowls

...sometimes for the day


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Wherever we are, the boss is always game on!


You might even find us dressing up sometimes!


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Perhaps at the HJE Hospital Ball...

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...or at the Chelsea Flower Show.


And getting into the spirit of Christmas, which we always enjoy celebrating!


The Chelsea Team dressed up at Christmas

Sarah, Lucie and Vicky at Christmas


And if you stay for ten years, you might get something special from the boss!


Tash giving pictures of herself to people who've stayed ten years


Charity is important to us, whether it's out there raising money, or going along to support others


The cycling team raising money for St John's Hospice

Gemma and Jane supporting at the Marathon


And so is trying out new sports!!


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We have an excellent social committee too, who organise really fun nights out

The evening at Hint Hunt


Birthdays are special too...


Tash on her birthday

David Wales on his birthday with cake

...great excuse to eat cake!


Occasionally we set these silly challenges in order to let off steam


Tash doing a handstand

From handstands ...

Gemma doing a star jump

...to star jumps!