A day in the life of an Inpatient Physio

Hema helping a man at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth

A typical day begins with a Physiotherapist and an Occupational Therapist visiting all of the hospital wards to receive a handover from the nurses. This multi-disciplinary approach helps with planning our day, the nurses’ day and our patients’ day.  The caseload is shared out between the team, and patients are prioritised to ensure a smooth patient journey. The patients with a higher priority clinical need and those who are leaving hospital that morning are seen first.

As inpatient therapists, our day is focused on patient rehabilitation either on the hospital wards, in our bespoke patient gym or out and about in the grounds of the hospital. We also plan our day to include attending multidisciplinary meetings, learning and teaching opportunities, reviewing and improving our service, and of course the essential team tea and coffee breaks. We have Specialist Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists within our team and we assist each other to ensure a good skills mix and teamwork throughout the day.

An 8:15am start means you can leave work with energy to make the most of your evening. Some members of the team choose a later shift starting at 10am enabling them to swim before work, get to the post office or have a lie in!

We are an energetic team, often on our feet for a long time but with a great team around us we are seen with a smile on our face and passion for our role.  Our patients remain at the heart of our care throughout the day.