A day in the life of a Chancery Lane/City Clinic Physiotherapist

Truth be tolphysiotherapy-treatment-roomd, no two days are the same here in the Chancery Lane Clinic!  Working shifts are
usually either an 8am-4pm, or an 11am-7pm which means we can provide a service offering daily appointments from early morning to late evening and this really suits our patient cohort.  Owing to our fantastic location in the heart of the legal district of London, a high proportion of our caseload is people working in the legal profession, but within this it can vary hugely from top judges, to barristers, to solicitors, and administrative staff.

The day is usually a mixture of both new patient assessments and follow up appointments. As well as new patients booking in with us through word of mouth (our biggest source of referral), we also see lots of sports injuries and post-operative patients who have been referred to us via our excellent links with local consultants. Treatments can vary hugely and include manual treatments (massage and joint manipulations), electrotherapy, acupuncture, taping and exercise rehabilitation carried out either in our clinic rooms or our bespoke studio gym.

Pilates ClassIn our City clinics we offer a variety of different classes, so between appointments we are often leading Pilates or HIIT Classes.  We also offer running assessments and cycle assessments for our sportier clientèle, and these sessions are very enjoyable for both the Physio and client in order to identify potential issues with biomechanics and improve performance and efficiency.

If we are not busy treating patients in clinic, you will most certainly find us out and about providing workstation Gemma at an Ask a Physio Sessionassessments and ergonomic advice to clients. This involves going into offices of varying different sectors (barristers’ chambers, law firms, media companies, advertising agencies to name a few).  We provide both reactive and proactive assessments for people who may or may not have already experienced musculoskeletal pain perhaps influenced by their working practices. We also participate in regular “Ask A Physio” sessions where we provide free physiotherapy advice to local companies.

No week would be complete without a team meeting or coffee break, and we regularly have mentoring sessions to learn from each other and share ideas about complex patients or to practice/learn new treatment skills. We are an energetic team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, Pilates teachers and administrators. We are a dynamic bunch, full of energy and share a common passion for providing top quality care.

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