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Physio Fitness Package

Our Face-to-face Physio Fitness sessions are now up and running again.
We are also continuing to run fitness classes online.

At Central Health Physiotherapy we work hard to return, maintain and build your health and fitness after surgery, injury or illness. Once your symptoms have resolved, and your function has improved, we will advise and guide you towards better health through exercise.

What is it?

Physio Fitness is an individually tailored service that will take you to the next level in your recovery once the immediate issues have been resolved with your physio (please note it is not a replacement for physiotherapy).

physio fitness chest press exercise
physio fitness strengthening

Who is it for?

Existing patients who have achieved their physiotherapy treatment goals but who would benefit from improved fitness and who would prefer to continue to work with the physio team they know and trust.

What are the benefits?

Enjoy a Healthier & Fitter Future

Our physiotherapists have specialist knowledge in pathology and exercise and are therefore ideally placed to help you achieve a stronger, healthier and fitter future, whilst ensuring that previous injuries are not compromised.

Fast Track Your Fitness

We all find committing to a regular exercise programme challenging but by working with someone who already knows you and your body you will be able to really focus on the areas that need improving and therefore achieve meaningful results faster.

Tailored To Your Needs

We know good general fitness is key to leading a full and active life and maintaining your physical, mental and emotional health. We therefore offer this unique service, designed around your individual needs, to maximise your personal gains.

What’s included?

Physio Fitness sessions are one hour long appointments with a physiotherapist to work solely on an exercise programme tailored to your individual needs (no physiotherapy assessment or hands on treatment).

We offer packages of 5 and 10 sessions:

£550 for 5 session package
£1,000 for 10 session package

So, if you are feeling motivated to improve your health and wellbeing, want to get stronger / have more energy / be in good shape, but don’t know how to get started, discuss Physio Fitness with one of our team and let us help you be fit for life!

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