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Health and Wellbeing Days are entirely tailor-made to meet the requirements of each company. They can vary in length from a short talk in an open plan office to a full day with informative presentations and practical demonstrations.

Where time is of the essence, presenting to an open plan office allows group interaction with minimum disruption. Instructions will be given on how to use their workstation and chair correctly and allows changes to be made immediately with long-term problems potentially prevented. For fun, a quiz can be included to further learning and give employees a chance to win a massage for example.

Where more time and space is available, clients can choose from a number of different specialist services:

Physiotherapy Advice

For the aches and pains that employees have been ignoring or thinking weren’t worthy of a trip to a specialist. Our physios would be on hand to offer advice and recommendations for improvement.

Cycle Assessments

Employees may bring their own bicycles, and, using a turbo trainer, the physiotherapist is able to observe their cycling technique as if cycling outdoors. A 30 minute biomechanical assessment can be made with advice on alterations to saddle & handle bar height & seat position. Small changes to the joint angles and muscle lengths can considerably improve performance and comfort.

Nutrition / Diet Advice

We have excellent links with expert nutritionists who can advise on food, health and disease.  Providing practical guidance on appropriate lifestyle and food choices.

Biosignature Advice

This is performed by one of our personal trainers and is an objective assessment that essentially measures body fat and is location specific so helps identify a potential cause. This enables the specialist to set tailored targets relating to diet, exercise, sleep and stress relief.

Head and Shoulder Massage

We have a fully qualified masseur who could be available to give massages, to help relieve those all too common office stresses and strains. This can be organised on a timetabled 30 minute basis or a quick five minute massage at the desk.

Functional Strength and Movement Assessment

One of the personal trainers or physiotherapists would quickly be able to assess and inform people on what their training focuses should be and explain why certain movements and exercises should be a priority for them.

If you are interested in booking a Health and Wellbeing Day at your office or would like some more information then please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7404 6343.

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