office worker with neck pain

Our team has significant experience in ergonomics and the treatment of occupational ill health and injury. We assess risks; advise and produce policy guidelines; and help with the induction of new staff into their working environment.

Central Health Physiotherapy can tailor make programmes or we offer the following services:

  • Proactive assessment checklist:
    a basic level assessment that complies with Health & Safety Executive minimum legal requirements and provides advice to help prevent pain and injury for individual employees.
  • Reactive work station assessment:
    specifically for people with an occupational injury, spinal injury, or work related upper limb disorder. A detailed report is provided that explains action taken and future recommendations to include advice regarding ergonomic equipment, rehabilitation, task redesign and environmental adaptation.
  • Train-the-Trainer Programmes:
    Central Health Physiotherapy offer train-the-trainer sessions, enabling trained employees to carry out proactive assessments on behalf of their organisation.


Following a recent back injury, I realised I needed to make some changes to my working arrangements.  But I had no idea what a difference such things as a properly adjusted chair and a well-configured desk arrangement could make.   The desk assessment conducted by Central Health Physiotherapy was very thorough and knowledgeable.  Through a combination of changes they made to the physical arrangements then and there and advice about how to organise my workspace (both in the office and out) better, they have succeeded in making a real difference to my back comfort at work and, no doubt, to the likelihood of an injury recurring.” Partner, Lewis Silkin