Lower Limb Strength & Conditioning

Somebody being video assessed during a lower limb strength and conditioning class

After many injuries or surgeries to the hip, knee or ankle, the rehabilitation  is lengthy and many people find it difficult to achieve their final goals.

Interest in rehab can be easily lost and NHS/private physiotherapy support is often finished too early.

At our Chancery Lane clinic, Central Health Physiotherapy offers a comprehensive lower limb strength and conditioning class for patients to therefore avoid this situation.  And, from 12th September, Jamie will be running a class at Urban Fitness on Chancery Lane.  To book, see below or click here.

Members of the CHP Team enjoying a group Lower Limb Strengthening Session.  (See below for more videos)

Evidence shows working together in a group promotes camaraderie, with everyone giving support and encouragement to each other.

We believe this, combined with direction and assistance from our specialist physiotherapist makes our twice-weekly one-hour  classes achieve the best results for patients wishing to return to every day function or to their desired level of sport.

Somebody working hard in a lower limb strength and conditioning class

“The class has been really helpful in both strengthening my knee and helping me return to fitness. The instructors maintain a balance of pushing you hard to achieve your goals, whilst not injuring you in the process. Exercising in a class environment under expert supervision pushes you much harder than training alone. I have found the classes hugely beneficially and would highly recommend anyone with an ACL injury to take part.”  Damien Wilson

“The class is brilliant, my muscles already feel stronger than they did the first time I ruptured my ACL.”  Mirella Tambini 

The lower limb strength and conditioning class is designed to run concurrently with both NHS and private outpatient treatment and we accept self referrals or recommendations from consultants or other physiotherapists.

Classes are £15 per 1 hr session or £100 for a block of 10 sessions.
Tuesdays at 8.00am with Jamie Lee
Tuesdays at 1.30pm (from 12th September) with Jamie Lee at Urban Fitness, Chancery Lane. To book, click here.
Thursdays at 6.00pm with Katriona Ryan

PLEASE NOTE.  Before attending a class, you must attend an induction session, at a cost of £60 for 30 minutes with the class physiotherapist.  This is to assess your current condition, to ascertain any relevant medical history and to ensure you are suitable for the class and to give you an introduction to some of the class exercises.

Please contact us or call 020 7404 6343 to confirm suitability and start dates.