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Former England Cricketer Angus Fraser at the opening party
Gary Stebbing

State-of-the-art equipment

Danny Armitage

Central Health Physiotherapy has just launched its first Performance and Wellbeing Centre in the City. Located in Saffron Hill, off Charterhouse Street, the exclusive facility has been fitted with state-of-the-art gym equipment and features a treatment room as well as a spacious area for group classes and seminars. A tailor made range of health and fitness solutions will be offered to individuals and organisations.

Performance and fitness expert Gary Stebbing will lead a team of experienced professionals to work with individuals seeking body conditioning as well as performance coaching and learning. Gary and his team go beyond what most personal trainers do, not just looking at their clients’ physical fitness, but also helping them with overall health enhancement and taking control of their lives.

This approach is totally in line with the Stress and Performance service launched by Central Health Physiotherapy earlier this year.

Physiotherapist Danny Armitage will oversee the physiotherapy and massage treatments and organise specialist classes such as Ski Fitness and Pilates.

There is a lot of stress among City workers and the Performance and Wellbeing Centre will enable Central Health Physiotherapy to work with organisations aiming to help their staff achieve a healthy work-life-balance. Being near the main physiotherapy facility at Chancery Lane the Centre will also help to provide better services to all City-based patients, including rehabilitation and total body conditioning

For information on membership packages and details of corporate schemes contact Central Health Physiotherapy or on 020 7404 6343.




Ian Iceton, Director,
HR Operations,
Skanska UK
Skanska“I was intrigued when I read about this new workplace stress management service in an issue of Human Resources. With a staff of over 5,000 in the UK, and about 400 at our head office in Maple Cross, I am always keen to explore new schemes to ensure the wellbeing of our employees.”

So I jumped at the opportunity to test the belt and check first hand how it works. I consider myself fitter than average, as my main hobby is training for triathlons every week, and I do not feel particularly stressed in spite of the demands of my job – so I thought I’d sail through the test!

I met senior physiotherapist Simon Shepard, one Thursday morning in the office and he fitted me with what resembled a conventional heart monitor. The main difference is that the belt, fitted with a microchip, recorded stress levels, physical activity and recovery for the next 72 hours. I was asked to record a diary of key activities during of the test – this was the most strenuous part as the device is so unobtrusive that after a few moments I had completely forgotten it was there; you can conduct all your usual activities whilst wearing it including swimming.

I was impressed when I met Simon again a few days later as he came armed with a number of reports, totally personalised to my circumstances – not just based on generic measurements of height, weight, BMI…. The report headings included stress, lifestyle, physical workload, training effect – I was particularly keen to check the effectiveness of my triathlon training programme – and even weight management.

I was amazed by what the reports highlighted. The Thursday and Friday at the office presented the usual end-of-week challenges, with many meetings and a predictable set of issues to tackle. I was therefore surprised to see a noticeable peak in the stress chart on Thursday evening, followed by poor recovery through the night, in spite of having a vigorous swim to clear the day. My iPod did however run out of battery that night – so I was perhaps missing the soothing effect of the music!

By contrast, my run on Friday night led to better sleep recovery and the lie-in I indulged in on Saturday morning was clearly showing.

Simon assured me that stress is not all bad; what’s important is how to cope with it and what strategies are in place to deal with it – he mentioned that Central Health can devise programmes for individuals or companies. The test certainly threw vastly different recovery levels in my case. I would definitely want to use the monitor again and I am sure a number of my colleagues, perhaps those who are not as fit, would find it interesting and beneficial to their health and performance.”

Contact Natasha Price to discuss our Corporate Packages.



Natasha Price


Physiotherapist Natasha Price, joint Managing Director of Central Health Physiotherapy, appeared on the recent BBC1 series Saints and Scroungers, giving an authoritative point of view on the physical abilities of various people claiming benefits.

Excerpts of the programmes can be seen here.


AEGON Team Tennis
National Open Finals


This year again Claire Morrell and Gemma Newell supplied the medical, physiotherapy cover for the British Junior Tennis Nationals held in Bournemouth last August.

Gemma was also at the AEGON Team Tennis National Open Finals.

Scott Meiklejohn, Schools Competition Administrator at The Lawn Tennis Association expressed his appreciation: “Thank you for your work and help over the weekend. We think your efforts helped the competition run smoothly and I believe the players enjoy your presence at the event.”


Amanda Thomson


Amanda Thomson, Lead Respiratory Physiotherapist and Inpatient Physiotherapy Manager at the Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, has been offered an honorary contract at the Royal Brompton hospital, which has a reputation of being one of the leading respiratory hospitals in the world and where a lot of research is performed.

Amanda completed an MSc placement there 2 years ago and is delighted to be back. This allows her to maintain/continue to develop her clinical skills and spend time with the experts in her field, thus keeping up to date with developments in the management of medial respiratory patients.


Corli Steyn
Clarissa Gifford



Hand Therapy – This service provides rehabilitation and splinting for all wrist and hand conditions. For information and referrals contact Occupational Therapist Corli Steyn

Lymphoedema Therapy – Occupational Therapist Clarissa Gifford is particularly skilled in this area. If anyone has a patient who they think may benefit then please contact her.

The Occupational Therapy team at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth can be contacted on 020 7404 6343.




Eric Clarke
Welcome to:

Eric Clarke – former Australian Olympic Team Physiotherapist (Beijing 2008), who joined Central Health Physiotherapy in Chancery Lane in August. Eric specialises in knee, ankle and hip injuries. sports injuries and rehabilitation, post surgical rehabilitation. Biomechanics and acupuncture (member AACP)

Faye Peck
Faye Peck – based at the hospital of St John & St Elizabeth since October 2009. Faye specialises in musculoskeletal – spinal and peripheral, sports injuries and post operative rehabilitation, acupuncture and manipulation.

Olivia Lewis
Olivia Lewis – our new Chancery Lane receptionist. Olivia has just completed A Levels at 6th form college which included English, I.C.T and General Studies


Krypton Factor
The whole Central Health Physiotherapy Team went away to a Team building weekend on 24/25th October. The Krypton Factor challenge took place at Wotton House in Surrey. The Red team, consisting of Gemma Newell, Brendon Zeman, Martin van Heerden, Gary Viljoen, Amanda Thomson and Corli Steyn – were the winners, beating the Blue team on the final obstacle course!!


Elaine and Dominic
Elaine Byrne

Dominic and Elaine got married on the 31st August 2009 in Castle Durrow, Laois, Ireland. They headed off to South Africa on honeymoon the following day a little exhausted but having had a fantastic day.


Juliet Joy 
Martin and Annelie van Heerden became the proud parents of Juliet Joy on 24 August 2009. As the midwife was late Martin had to deliver the baby at home – a very special moment!


Natasha Price Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6pm – 7pm
Charterhouse Street EC1£120 for 8 sessions

Early bird discount – £100 for first 10 people who book quoting the Newsletter

Call us on 020 7404 6343 or email to book
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Central Health Physiotherapy

Central Health Physiotherapy was founded in 1992 by Chartered Physiotherapist Natasha Price. Known initially as Chancery Lane Physiotherapy, the company changed its name in 2005 as services expanded.

Central Health Physiotherapy has grown to become a multi-faceted operation with the aim of providing health and wellness services to individuals and corporations. The company constantly appraises advances in the field of medical science to return, maintain and build people’s health and fitness.

CHP now operates from three London locations: Chancery Lane which remains the Head Office, the Platinum Centre within the Wellington Hospital in St John’s Wood and The Royal Hospital Chelsea.

Whilst musculoskeletal physiotherapy remains core to Central Health Physiotherapy, the company offers a full range of health and wellness services including women's health,neuro, paediatric and vestibular physio, ergonomics, Pilates classes, personal training, occupational therapy, podiatry, nutrition, acupuncture and massage. We also have specialist hydrotherapists at the clinics at the Royal Hospital Chelsea which has a large hydrotherapy pool.

With over 40 practitioners, Central Health Physiotherapy is one of the largest employers of its kind. All the therapists are chartered and registered with The Health and Care Professionals Council.

For more information on Central Health visit

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