Our face to face clinics have reopened & home visits are now available - DETAILS
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I am sure most of us are aware of how important regular exercise is for us. Exercise is beneficial for your cardiovascular system, it keeps our joints health and muscles strong and also has benefits on mood and mental health. We all know how difficult it can be to fit exercise in to our busy lives, especially in the summer when we all want to enjoy the sunshine and in the winter when we want to hibernate! It can also be daunting returning to exercise if you have had some time out or want to try something new. Take advantage of National fitness day on the 23rd of September to start some exercise. See below for ideas and tips for being more active in your day to day life… 

  • If you are back in the office – try walking or cycling to work, or maybe get off the bus or tube one stop earlier and walk the rest of the way.  
  • If you are working from home, try going for a walk in your lunchbreak. 
  • Try taking the stairs at home or work rather than the lift. 
  • Dance to music at home. 
  • There are lots of online exercise videos or apps such as the couch to 5km to give you some guidance. 
  • Swimming can be a nice alternative to using the gym, there are a few outdoor pools in London which are particularly nice in warmer weather. 
  • Attend COVID-secure gym classes or exercise classes in local community centres. 
  • Going for long walks at the weekend is a good way to exercise and sight see. 
  • Some parks in London have organised walking groups. 

Remember if you are new to exercise or have had a break for a while, it is important to start off gradually and build up the intensity and frequency of exercise over time to help prevent injuries. A good tip is to feel breathless but to still be able to speak but not in a full sentence. If you have any underlying medical problems or injuries, please speak to a healthcare professional before starting new exercise. 

If you want some support getting back into physical exercise, check out our 1:1 ‘Physio fitness’ and Pilates services, or book into an online class.  

Emma Brown

Emma Brown is a physiotherapist with Central Health Physiotherapy, specialising in acute and chronic conditions, including low back and neck pain, lower and upper limb musculoskeletal conditions. She also has experience treating antenatal and post natal women with musculoskeletal pain.


We are still here for you!

To maintain the safety of all our patients and staff due to the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, our 3 London face-to-face clinics are now closed.

Our specialist physiotherapists are still on hand to offer the same expert advice and keep you on track with your rehabilitation through remote video consultations. We are also offering our usual 1:1 pilates and physio fitness services this way.

Our new Video Appointment online booking service will be available for new and existing clients in the coming days – watch this space!

In the meantime, if you would like to book a video appointment please contact us to arrange.

Please bear with us during these challenging times.

45-minute Initial Physiotherapy Video Consultation £60

30-minute Follow-Up Physiotherapy Video Consultation £40

1-hour Hypermobility Physiotherapy Initial Video Consultation £80

1-hour 1:1 Pilates with a Physiotherapist £80

30-minute 1:1 Pilates with a Physiotherapist £40

1-hour 1:1 Physio Fitness £80

30-minute 1:1 Physio Fitness £40

Our remote physiotherapy consultations are covered by all major private healthcare providers.

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