skiingWhether it’s a ski holiday, snow-boarding or a winter hiking trip, preparing the body is essential to keep your holiday injury free and allow you to get the most from your holiday.

Fitness preparation for your trip should start a good 6-8 weeks before you travel, and focus on strength, flexibility and stamina/endurance activities. If you have a longstanding or pre-existing problem (knee pain for example), specific exercises in the run up to your holiday can be extremely beneficial in ensuring both you (and your knee!) are in the best shape possible to prevent any worsening of your symptoms.

Winter Sport Injury Prevention

Our Lower Limb Strength Classes are designed to develop strength and conditioning in the powerful and important muscles of the lower body. Classes are circuit based, and small in numbers. Our expert Physiotherapists work with you to ensure your programme is specific, and the high energy nature of the class will ensure you burn fat and gain muscle. An ideal foundation for your ski fitness and winter sport training.
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Our Pilates classes run at both the Chancery Lane Clinic and St John’s Wood. They focus on both the mind and body, improving posture, spinal strength and whole-body flexibility. All of these are essential for being winter holiday ready. Classes are mat based and small in numbers. Our expert Physiotherapists and Pilates Instructors ensure your technique is right and keep the classes fun and challenging.  It’s most rewarding to see people progress in their practice, gaining strength and also flexibility.
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If you prefer a more personal experience, 1:1 training with our Physiotherapists, Personal Trainer or Pilates Instructor could be an ideal setting to work specifically on areas of concern and build a programme of exercise to get you ready for winter!

Winter Sport Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation

Winter sport activity can put a great deal of physical stress on the body, especially for those not used to it. Many people spend weeks working away at their desks and then spend a whole week skiing or snowboarding with no preparation at all! This can unfortunately lead to injury. Some common winter sports injuries we see include ligament injuries to the knee, fractures affecting various parts of the leg, ankle injuries, thumb injuries and shoulder injuries by those falling and landing on the side.

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Shefali Desai

Shefali Desai specialises in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions (spinal and peripheral), sports injury management and rehabilitation and obstetrics. She also does acupuncture and Pilates. Prior to working for Central Health Physiotherapy, she previously worked at Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Central London Community Healthcare.

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