Someone having hydrotherapy in the poolIts purpose is the provision of a therapeutic environment, which is safe and effective in accelerating recovery that may otherwise be delayed or not possible.

Advantages of hydrotherapy include:

  • Warm water – the temperature of the water (kept between 34-36°C) allows for a comfortable, therapeutic environment for exercise while prompting muscle relaxation, facilitation of stretching and pain reduction.
  • Reduced weight-bearing – gravity is significantly reduced facilitating supported exercise that may not otherwise be allowed (eg at early stages post-operatively) or not be possible (eg in patients who are struggling with significant pain or weakness), and allows for progressive weight-bearing.With water up to your neck, the percentage of weight-bearing is only 8%, at chest-level (xiphisternum) only 30% and at hip-level (ASIS) only 50%.
  • Provides support, assistance or resistance while being challenged – this allows your therapist to accommodate your programme to be appropriate and effective to any stage of your rehabilitation with the goals to regain flexibility, balance, posture, strength and CV (cardiovascular) fitness.

Exercising in the buoyancy of water allows for a hugely variable repertoire of exercise using:

  • Support: occurs with exercising at the surface of the water
  • Assistance: occurs with exercising the limb as it moves away from the surface of the water
  • Resistance: occurs with exercising the limb as it moves away from the surface of the water, in a beneficially uniform load spread over the entire length of the limb

Floats eg noodles, paddles, boards, armbands and flippers are used during the sessions to augment each of the above, depending on the needs of the individual patient.

The team at our Chelsea Clinic in and round the hydrotherapy poolAt our Chelsea site, based within the beautiful grounds of The Royal Hospital, we offer a range of exercise opportunities in our hydrotherapy pool including:

  • 1:1 private hydrotherapy
  • 1:4 strengthening/conditioning class
  • supervised self-hydrotherapy sessions (pre-booked self-directed sessions where you follow a structured individualised printed and laminated exercise programme given to you during a previous 1:1 session)

Please more details or enquiries, please contact us.


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