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Are you fit for skiing?

The season is fast approaching and now really is the time to be getting your body into shape so you’re fit for skiing.

Regular exercise leading up to the trip can a) help you get the most out of your trip and b) reduce the risk of injury. Whilst there is no avoiding being knocked over by a beginner snowboarder mastering their turns, there is much we can do to prepare ourselves for the forthcoming physical demands. Winter sports require excellent balance and control. We achieve this through a specific combination of strength, flexibility, power and endurance from head to toe. Skiers need to have quick reactions and be sufficiently robust to deal with the tumbles which inevitably occur on your average week of skiing.

This week, the telegraph.co.uk featured a report by Arthritis UK in conjunction with the Institute of Sport and Exercise Medicine in which they looked at the relationship between sport and osteoarthritis. They found that half of people who take part in sport suffered ligament / tendon damage or broken bones which can result in osteoarthritis in later life. Preventative exercises to strengthen muscles will reduce the pressure to the joints and can reduce pain by 30% according to the article.

At Central Health Physiotherapy we appreciate that working hard can reduce our opportunities to adequately prepare for the winter season. For this reason we have set up Ski Fit Classes at Chancery Lane as one option for getting fit for skiing. We also have an onsite Podiatrist who can assess your ski boots and provide advice to optimise your support and foot function whatever your level.

Winter sports can be the perfect way to unwind, exercise hard and have fun. Now is the time to start getting yourself fit and begin picturing the Raclette with a glass of Vin Chaud. Mmmmm!!


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