Happy “Chi Running”

A recent article in the Evening Standard talked about the benefits of Chi Running.

This is essentially the application of the principles of tai chi to your running technique. The reasoning behind this is that you could prevent injuries because you are running with a better posture and technique.

The idea that running in the correct way, and having good posture while doing so, reduces the risk of running-related injuries and is well supported by many physiotherapists.

A physiotherapy assessment related to running injuries should always involve a good analysis of your running technique. A formal running assessment can prove to be a valuable tool in combating those terrible running injuries which steal from your enjoyment and prevent you from winning the London Marathon!

Jokes aside, the running assessments performed at Central Health Physiotherapy involve a full screening that includes examining your running pattern, your shoes and discussion of your current exercise and training needs. You would also be asked to complete a pre-assessment form which would gather important information about your running. To help with the assessment we use video recordings of your running from behind and from the side. This is then slowed down and analysed carefully to see what adjustments would be necessary to improve your technique.

We discuss our findings with you and make recommendations for management of your injury: this may include advice on footwear and orthotics, specific exercise rehabilitation, general training advice etc. And finally, we present you with a report with our findings and recommendations.

Armed with this information, you are ready to tackle the task of improving your running technique. Now this is no easy task and it will take much hard work and dedication. It will also take time, so if you are one of the lucky runners taking part in The London Marathon next month, I’m afraid it may just be a little too late to cram this one in. That been said, I would definitely recommend a running assessment if you experience any running injuries and believe that this would help improve your enjoyment of something which you really love. Happy running!

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Martin van Heerden

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