Winter weather brings an increased risk of falls, especially among older people.

Falls can have negative health effects on a senior adult, ranging from a temporary loss of independence to move to an assisted living facility, or even death. Fortunately, falls and fall related injuries can be prevented.

Slippery surfaces are especially hazardous for senior adults due to an increased risk of balance problems and muscle weakness. By the time a person reaches 80 years of age, muscle strength can decrease by half if it is not maintained. The good news is that muscle strength can be restored at any age by being physically active on a regular basis. There are multiple types of physical activity that can help reduce the risk of falling.

Central Health Physiotherapy offers a flexible comprehensive Falls Management Service. Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy assessment and treatment are available to patients through The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth, on an outpatient or domiciliary basis.

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